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Testimonials from #SeriousHorsePeople

Read testimonials from real horse men and women and see how SUCCEED once-a-day, every day is helping them get their horses at their best.

Featured Testimonials

We here at Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Africa started using SUCCEED® only last November with the two most recent rescued orphans, a young female approximately 1 year old and a young male under 6 months old. These young elephants were very fragile, fully traumatized, grieving and prone to many digestive issues, ulcers, diarrhea, blockage, bleeding and others. The young female was rescued in poor condition from a wastewater treatment area near Victoria Falls and the young male was rescued after its mother likely died from drought conditions. These two youngsters came in as bags of bones with the young female even needing assistance to get to her feet once down to sleep. We were not optimistic. Today these two are both out of quarantine (after only 2 weeks-a record short transition) and with the herd on the property, swimming, wallowing and enjoying their new family. They are positively ‘fluffy’. We have never had such a digestive symptom-free transition plus rapid weight recovery in our 4 years of operation. A genuine life saver, as we were not always able to reverse the digestive conditions once settled in. Genuine thanks from these special little creatures who now will one day return to the wild. True SUCCESS here.   

Debra Stevens

I first started using SUCCEED after my horse had experienced repeated episodes of GI tract issues. It was important to give him every assistance to help break any cycle and restore stability. The horse wasn’t well and seemed to be feeling a bit fragile. My vet suggested for him to go on SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program, which we hoped would provide additional support. I was already aware of the products and SUCCEED’s reputation from previous web searches and having read positive reviews. I was completely open-minded and not expecting to see overnight results. I started him on SUCCEED oral paste, and within 24 hours I was very surprised and pleased at how much more comfortable my horse appeared to be. He continued to improve and looks and feels so much better. I really feel that SUCCEED will help to keep his gi tract healthy and prevent risk of future GI tract issues.

Bob Martin

We were introduced to SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program by our vet regarding a very high strung filly, who hated every aspect of training from start to finish. After a full month of SUCCEED, her coat was gleaming and she was back in love with the game, placing twice in 2 Irish maidens. The important of getting the inside right to get the outside to perform cannot be emphasized enough.

Lee Smyth

My husband is an equine performance medicine veterinarian. He is a big believer in SUCCEED, and I have been using it for quite some time now! I first used it on a horse that had stomach issues; I saw a huge difference and became a believer! The horses love it and I now use it on nearly all my horses when headed to a show and when at a show. I don’t even have to force them to take it; most of the time I have to fight to get the tube back from them!

SUCCEED can also be given to dogs and badgers — it keeps their fur shiny! All our dogs fight for the used tubes; there is always a little left over that they receive! Conor, my badger, well he gets his own tube daily because he is just special, and I like to keep him happy and healthy! Succeed is a great product that is effective and affordable!

Ryann Pedone

SUCCEED has had a positive impact on my horses in every way possible. From anxiety, to energy levels, to cleaning up grain at every feeding, it has been very effective. After tireless searches for a product that would help my good horse, Streak of Pleasure, (also known as “Wonder”) I was introduced to SUCCEED by Dr. Crosby and it was a turning point in Wonder’s career. I started using SUCCEED three years ago and have never looked back.

Wonder had faced some health challenges and, following those, he was lethargic during even the shortest hauls. He also was not looking his physical best; being sick had taken its toll on him. After starting him on SUCCEED, he began cleaning up his grain at feedings and had a brightness in his eye, proving to me he felt better than he had in a long time. One of the greatest benefits I have seen is that our horses always eat and drink after getting off the trailer no matter how long they have been hauled. Wonder is healthier and, in turn, is able to love running barrels again and have the endurance to stay competitive.

Jeannie McKee

A couple of years ago we bought a 5 year old indirectly from Ireland. It was clear from the outset that he had a bad hind gut disturbance ( a lot of water in his poos/ girthy/irritability/couldn’t put any condition on/really itchy skin and he wouldn’t work from behind/go off one’s leg). We tried many, many things and found endless products out there but his condition and ultimately his performance seemed to deteriorate. The vet kept assuring me that physically he was sound but it was clear in both his condition, skin condition and way of going that he wasn’t thriving. He would quickly give up on any sort of work or training and became uncomfortable and angry to manage. I was then recommended Succeed. The transformation is UNBELIEVABLE. I never take much notice of reports of “ transformations” but honestly this horse has gone from not really being strong enough to jump a 90 to now (within 3 months of being on Succeed) consistently jumping double clear at novice. It is so lovely to see his love for his work return and his true talent come out as he grows stronger and stronger. Succeed has been a complete game changer. His coat is now shiny, he has great condition – gaining weight – he has stopped itching and his true gentle kind character has come through – he is no longer angry or unpleasant to handle. Thank you Succeed for giving us the true horse we bought.

Arabella Salwey

Arabella Salwey


We have been using SUCCEED during the yearlings’ preparation for the last two years.

Sales testimonial horse

Mark & Barbara Dreeling

Coole House Farm, Ireland

Winning any race is a special thing, and making history is incredible. But getting claiming horses to perform like this is tough to do. SUCCEED® really made a difference. I’m not imagining that my horses are doing well, I see it in print now.

Joe Woodard

Thoroughbred trainer, won 10 straight at Churchill in 2005

SUCCEED® helps our horses get more value from what they eat and helps us keep them on an even keel all the time. We’ve found success with every horse we’ve put on SUCCEED®.

Tom and Mary Robertson

Quarter Horse Halter Trainer

SUCCEED® made a huge difference for Harlem Globetrotter. Now he has a bloom to his coat and his eyes are bright, he is filled out and looks like a much younger, happier horse. There’s no doubt that this is a great thing for our horses. I’m truly grateful for this product’s development.

Joan Hamilton

Kalarama Farm

I was one of the very first trainers to use SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program, so the product has been part of my feeding and conditioning program for some time. Now I can tell the horses that are on SUCCEED just by walking the barn aisle and glancing into their stalls.

Mary Trowbridge

Arabian horse trainer and coach

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