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SUCCEED®  for Immunity & Resilience in Horses

Performance horses are subject to challenging lifestyles: chronic stress with impact on systems through the body, including immunity. During stress, the horse’s energy is diverted to the heart, lungs, and muscles and away from the immune and other systems. Because the immune system is closely connected to the digestive system, this puts the entire gastrointestinal system at risk.

By supporting a balanced gut microbiota, the protective mucosal barrier, and the integrity of the gut lining with SUCCEED, horses can maintain strong immunity and be more resilient under stress.

SUCCEED® Supports Healthy GI tract Bacteria

The gut microbiota is a large, diverse population of beneficial microbes that ferment fiber in the equine hindgut and play a vital role in the horse’s immune defenses. Beneficial bacteria compete with harmful pathogens to prevent the pathogens from reproducing and causing problems in the digestive tract and beyond.

The Problem:

High-starch diets can disrupt the balance of the microbiota and cause beneficial bacteria to die off. Dying bacteria release toxins, which can escape the digestive tract and lead to further problems. Without competition, harmful microbes can thrive and reproduce in the GI tract.

Succeed Benefits:

Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) from the yeast in SUCCEED acts as a prebiotic to support a balanced microflora. It, along with beta glucan in SUCCEED, helps to support a healthy immune system response. These also work together to safely remove toxins and pathogens from the GI tract.

SUCCEED® Supports the Intestinal Wall

The gastrointestinal tract is the easiest way for pathogens to enter the horse’s body. A thin layer of barrier cells comprising the intestinal lining prevents bacteria and toxins from entering the bloodstream.

The Problem:

Hindgut problems can disrupt the tight junctions of the intestinal lining that regulate what passes from the GI tract into the bloodstream. This increased intestinal permeability can allow the unwanted escape of components that impact health throughout the body.

Succeed Benefits:

The ingredients in SUCCEED work together to strengthen the integrity of the gastrointestinal lining. They also support the production of mucus, which coats and protects the gut lining. It also supplies components necessary for healthy cell repair.

SUCCEED® Enables Stress Resilience

The stress hormone cortisol impacts both immune and digestive tract health in horses. Performance horses subject to modern management factors and increased work demands may have prolonged elevated cortisol levels affecting their GI tract and overall health.

The Problem:

Prolonged high cortisol increases gut permeability and disrupts intestinal microbiota, which can lead to further problems in the digestive system and body.

Succeed Benefits:

Digestive support is especially critical for performance horses with stressful lifestyles. SUCCEED helps horses manage and recover from the physical affects of stress by supporting immune function, hindgut balance and intestinal integrity.

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Optimizing digestive function with SUCCEED supports nutrient absorption, body condition and resilience.

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