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SUCCEED® Storage and Handling Guidelines

SUCCEED is a daily supplement program that supports the natural health of the entire equine digestive system. It’s available in single-serving oral paste syringes packed 30 to a carton, or as top-dress granules in three bucket sizes or in SmartPaks.

At Freedom Health, we strive to ensure consistency and quality in our products. As such, some basic guidelines for the proper handling and storage of the product can help ensure that the physical appearance and properties of SUCCEED are at their best.

Please be aware of the following notes and guidelines:


SUCCEED should be stored in a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight. The product may be safely kept refrigerated when not in use.


SUCCEED is developed from naturally occurring feed ingredients. As a result, some variation in color and consistency may be visible. Manufacturers of supplements often add fillers to their products, which can minimize the variation that naturally occurs. Freedom Health uses no such fillers. Slight variations in color or consistency have no bearing on product effectiveness or utility.

Moisture and Rancidity

SUCCEED contains minimal moisture, and no water is added to the product. By doing this, and thanks to the nature of the oat oil in SUCCEED, rancidity is very unlikely. In regular lab testing for rancidity, SUCCEED passes 100 percent of the time. When exposed to temperatures above 85° Fahrenheit, especially over longer periods, SUCCEED will bloom or release oil. This can give the appearance of the product being wet. However, this does not reflect moisture, and does not affect the product performance and utility.


SUCCEED is a mixture of dry products (oat flour, amino acids and yeast) with oil. The blooming or release of oil (separation of oil from the dry materials) referenced above may result in the formation of clumps in the granular product. This has no effect on product performance or utility and can often be aided by shaking and refrigeration overnight.


Upon opening the SUCCEED container lid, you may notice a strong oat smell combined with an alcohol odor. The alcohol scent results from the alcohol – ethanol – used in the production of the raw materials, and it is harmless. It usually blows off after a short time.


Testing – A sample from every lot of SUCCEED is held for testing and long term evaluation (i.e., “shelf life” testing) to 2x the recommended use date (i.e., “best if used by” date). Product quality is consistently maintained over this period of time.

Temperature Tag

The temperature indicator on each container of [SUCCEED or SUCCEED Veterinary Formula] is intended to provide you with information about how the product was handled before it got to you. Read more about our product storage guidelines here. When the indicator turns black, that means at some point it faced excessive temperature. That, in turn, means the product COULD be affected by those higher temps. But, you can be sure that the effect of high temperature is not one of efficacy or safety. Rather, high temperature might cause the oils to separate from the solid ingredients (the amino acids, oat flour, and yeast products). This in turn can cause the paste to be difficult to expel from the tube, or may just be unsightly – for example, you might see oil run out of the syringe while the solid material forms a clump in the tube.


We’ve learned over time that this can happen, so we generally do not ship on Friday, to avoid having product sitting on delivery trucks over a weekend. And we put the temperature indicator tags on each container, so if you have a problem with squeezing it out of the syringe and the temperature tag is black, you now know it was the temperature at issue.


If you have questions about SUCCEED, or how to properly handle and store it, please contact Freedom Health.

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