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Performance Benefits of SUCCEED® 

Did you know that some of the most common performance, behavior and condition issues in horses are often related to the digestive tract? Optimal performance stems from proper functioning and comfort on the inside. It all starts in the gut.


The gut must be healthy and balanced for horses to be comfortable and fueled to perform.

Focus & Attitude

A healthy, comfortable horse with a balanced microbiota can be a focused, willing partner.


Better gi tract health can transform how a horse handles itself in a stall, hauling, on the ground, and under saddle.

Gut Health Affects the Entire Horse

Optimizing digestive health isn’t a quick fix. It must be done consistently, and it can get progressively better with time. Nearly everything in the horse can be linked to its gi tract health. All of these (and more) may be influenced by good digestive health and nutrition:

  • Weight
  • Muscle condition
  • Topline
  • Haircoat
  • Hoof health
  • Unwanted behaviors
  • Resistance
  • Attitude
  • Energy
  • Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Recovery
  • Resilience
  • Hoof health
  • Mood
  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Calmness
  • Appetite
  • Flexion
  • Collection
  • Extension
  • Response
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Willingness
  • Comfort
  • Readiness to work
  • Nutrition
  • Consistency
  • Cool under pressure

Success From the Inside Out

SUCCEED optimizes the overall availability of your horses.

There’s nothing better than a horse that looks and feels great. It can give you that magical partnership that feels amazing, commands attention, and delivers top performance every time. A horse that’s healthy and fueled from the inside can be fully available mentally and physically on the outside. Horses maintained on SUCCEED are generally glowing with wellbeing, strong, balanced, focused, and more willing to do their jobs.

SUCCEED optimizes your feed program.

Your carefully designed feed program relies on good digestion for your horses to get all they need from feed. And, of course, your horses need to stay feeling good and eating well both at home and on the road.

SUCCEED helps to maintain appetite in horses, first, because they love the taste, and second, because healthy GI tracts are comfortable so they’re happy to eat. SUCCEED helps to moderate the transit of feed and release of sugars into the bloodstream, so feed is fully digested where it should be and your horses don’t experience sugar highs and crashes that affect behavior. Also, SUCCEED assists in nutrient absorption so horses can fully utilize their feed.

SUCCEED keeps your horses going.

Hauling can be hard on horses, impacting their mental and physical health before you even arrive at an event. Then, add on the stresses of a new and busy environment, then performing multiple times over the course of the event, and many horses struggle to hold up under the pressure. A resilient horse that can handle these challenges and actually get better as it goes is a horse that will rise to the top.

Horses kept on SUCCEED are better able to handle the stresses of traveling and competition. They can stay feeling good, and they can maintain their focus and readiness to work.

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