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Health Benefits of SUCCEED®

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program provides many health benefits for the horse’s entire digestive tract, but the effects of optimized gi tract health go far beyond that.

In the same way digestive problems can lead to issues in overall horse health, behavior and performance, a healthy gut also benefits the entire horse. Optimized digestive function leads to better nutrient absorption, body condition, recovery, immunity, stress resilience, mental function and more.


Stomach & Hindgut Health

Keep your horses free from the most common problems affecting a horse’s GI health. Stop the cycle.

Weight & Condition

Maintain a healthy appetite, good nutrition, proper weight and muscle, and quick recovery.

Immunity & Resiliance

Gut health impacts strong immunity as well as the horse’s ability to handle travel and performance stress well.

SUCCEED® Optimizes Stomach & Hindgut Health

Studies show that both stomach and hindgut issues affect most performance horses. SUCCEED supports the health of the entire GI tract by providing nutrients that help strengthen the gastrointestinal lining, support the protective mucus barrier, balance the hindgut, remove pathogens, and necessary components for cell repair.

The beta-glucan in SUCCEED helps maintain a healthy rate of digestion, allowing starches to be fully digested appropriately in the foregut. Other nutrients in SUCCEED act as prebiotics that support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the hindgut.

Every ingredient in SUCCEED is backed by detailed research and scientific support for its usefulness in correct digestion:

Learn more about how SUCCEED benefits stomach and hindgi tract health.

SUCCEED® Supports Weight & Condition

Your horse’s body condition is a direct reflection of its gi tract health. Horses can’t maintain a healthy weight and good muscle without a properly functioning digestive tract that enables efficient absorption of energy and nutrients from the diet.

Ingredients in SUCCEED that support the intestinal lining promote the optimal transfer of nutrients from the gut to the bloodstream. Hindgut and microbiota benefits also help horses ferment fiber, the primary energy source in their diet.

Learn more about how SUCCEED benefits weight and condition in horses.

SUCCEED® Supports Immunity & Stress Resilience

As much as 80 percent of the horse’s immune system interacts with the digestive system. While the gut is filled with ingested food matter, it is also teeming with microbes, good and bad, that must be kept on the other side of that thin barrier. That’s the job of the immune system. Ingested pathogens can enter the bloodstream when the gut lining is compromised.

Supporting the GI tract and gut microbiota with SUCCEED can significantly benefit immunity. Maintaining the healthy protective barrier throughout the GI tract, balancing the microbiota, and removing pathogens are all functions of the nutrients in SUCCEED.

As a further benefit, supporting immunity and overall wellness also makes horses more resilient to the bodywide affects of chronic stress that are part of their daily lives.

Learn more about how SUCCEED benefits immunity and resilience.

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