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SUCCEED®  for Comfort in Horses

Horses that feel good can give their human partners their best. Conversely, horses that feel uncomfortable may display uncharacteristic behaviors and struggle with poor performance.

Horses and owners feed off each other. When your horse is stressed, you’re stressed. If they’re not settled, neither are you. Many owners can tell when their horse feels off, but some may not recognize the role digestive tract health plays in keeping their horses comfortable.

Obstacles That Impede a Horse’s Comfort

Modern management of performance horses can increase the risk of digestive problems, giving rise to painful conditions in the GI tract. Feeding grain, limited turnout, and the stresses of training, hauling and competing can disrupt normal GI function and result in pain.

Strategic training schedules, proper feeding practices and management changes can help make your horses more comfortable. But it’s often not practical to do everything that’s needed for natural good digestive health, especially if you ride regularly or compete.

If your horses are at risk of gastrointestinal discomfort, you need to take extra steps to support their gi tract health.

Signs of Discomfort in Performance Horses

A range of unwanted behaviors can be your horse’s way of telling you they are uncomfortable. Here are a few we commonly hear.

  • Decreased Appetite – Discomfort caused by digestive problems can lead to a decreased appetite and reduced food intake.
  • Hindered Athletic Performance – Horses may avoid specific movements to prevent pain caused by digestive problems. It can affect their willingness to bend, collect, flex, pick up leads and more.
  • Poor Behavior – Not only can discomfort decrease athletic performance, but it can also cause dangerous behavior. If the handler or rider inadvertently causes pain, the horse may react with kicking, biting, bucking, bolting—you get the picture.
Making Horses More Comfortable

How SUCCEED® Makes Horses More Comfortable

Serious horse people take their horse’s comfort seriously. We expect a lot of our horses, so we should do everything we can to support their comfort.

SUCCEED provides comprehensive digestive tract health support to help keep performance horses healthy and comfortable on the inside. If you provide consistent support for your horse with SUCCEED, your horse will be consistent for you. With SUCCEED, you can support a happier horse from the inside out.

Within just a few weeks of feeding SUCCEED, horse owners notice signs that their horses are becoming more comfortable such as being more relaxed, eating well, and being more willing to interact, train and compete.

Your Horse’s First 60 Days on SUCCEED®

In just the first two weeks of feeding SUCCEED, many horse owners notice a more agreeable attitude and stronger work ethic in their horses. Small changes over time will ultimately add up to a noticeable difference in how your horse looks, behaves and performs.

Is SUCCEED right for you?

Find out if your horse’s health and performance could benefit from added digestive support.

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