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SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program was created over 20 years ago by a group of horse people: experts in equine performance and veterinary medicine, animal nutrition science and care, and entrepreneurship. It was birthed out of concern for a beloved show horse with national champion potential, but that struggled with gi tract health issues limiting her potential.

Decades later, the company behind SUCCEED products, Freedom Health, is still run by horse people for horse people. Our vision is to see all performance horses and their people enjoying successful partnerships. And that starts inside each horse with optimal digestive tract health. Above all, we value always doing right by the horse and conducting ourselves with utmost integrity.

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The Innovators Behind SUCCEED

When entrepreneur and horse owner John Hall went to insure his horses, he was faced with the harsh reality of the extensive gi tract health challenges in performance horses. Working alongside the late Dr. Frank Pellegrini taught him that a large number of performance horses struggle with overall digestive health, and many common diseases stem from the often overlooked hindgut rather than the stomach. 

In an effort to better manage their horses’ gi tract health, the pair turned to Dr. Peter Bedding, a consultant at a British feed company at the time. They asked Peter if he knew of some kind of supplement that could support natural digestion in horses. Peter happened to be trialing a formulation in Ireland. From there, John and Frank met Peter in England to review trial data, and SUCCEED was born. 

Together, the three set out to develop a product that could support a horse’s natural digestion using high-quality, naturally occurring ingredients that provide powerful benefits to the entire GI tract, including the hindgut.

Celebrating Healthy Horses and Successful Partnerships

Since SUCCEED’s start in 2004, we have helped riders, trainers and breeders across the equestrian world manage their horses’ behavior, condition and performance through optimal digestive tract health. We love to hear every story of a horse that’s behavior and performance turned around after starting on SUCCEED.

Performance horses at all levels, from the international stage to small local shows, have benefitted from SUCCEED. Top race trainers, Olympic athletes, National Finals Rodeo contenders, international and world champions, and competitors across disciplines have fed and trusted SUCCEED for nearly 20 years. Long-time users of SUCCEED include renowned international eventer Lucinda Green, 2-time NFR qualifier Tamara Reinhardt, all-time money-winning harness race trainer Ron Burke, AQHA world champion and judge Nancy Sue Ryan, 17-time national driving champion Chester Weber, and many others.

SUCCEED is also included in the daily feed program for TV producer Taylor Sheridan’s personal horses as well as all the horses seen on the hit show Yellowstone.

Committed to Extensive Research and Testing

Our dedication to total digestive health in horses stems from our concern for their well-being, a deep understanding of animal and nutrition science, and a willingness to explore innovative approaches and ideas.

Our extensive research and rigorous testing has resulted in products that are effective, easy to use and safe. We have been awarded multiple patents (U.S. patent nos. 7,658,964; 7,824,706; 7,988,989 and 8,197,842) for the efficacy of SUCCEED for a range of uses in horses.

Every ingredient in SUCCEED is backed by detailed research and scientific support for its usefulness in correct digestion:


Our expertise in production and certification in Good Manufacturing Processes mean our products remain affordable while meeting the highest standards for quality and consistency. We adhere to FDA guidelines and regulations, complete regular certifications and have impressed others with the quality of our processes.

We Are Committed to Our Customers and Their Horses

Freedom Health is also committed to superior customer service, delivering total satisfaction to horse owners and practitioners alike. Every sector of our team, from production to sales and beyond, is dedicated to exhibiting honesty and integrity in all that we do and say.
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