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Video: Equine Digestion and SUCCEED

Watch as Dr. Leah Mitchell explains how digestion works in horses so you can understand what your own horse needs for better health and performance.

Here’s a quick overview of what she discusses in the video:

How digestion works in horses in an ideal state

  • Horses in nature evolved as grazing, herd animals that generally expend little energy.
  • Digestion begins in the mouth as the horse ingests and chews feed.
  • From there, the feed moves quickly through the stomach and small intestine, where sugars and starches should be digested
  • The majority of digestion then happens via fermentation in the horse’s hindgut, which includes the cecum and colon.

Effects of husbandry and performance stress on the horse’s gut and digestion

  • Performance horses have much higher energy requirements to perform athletically, so we feed higher-calorie grain feeds to meet their energy and weight needs
  • Many horses do not have free access to forage for 18 hours a day as their systems require.
  • These types of management or performance stressors can spell trouble for digestive tract health.

How to support optimal digestion in performance horses

  • This is where SUCCEED steps in to optimize digestion in your horses naturally.

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