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How to Use SUCCEED®

Keeping your horse’s gi tract health in optimal condition is important. And with SUCCEED, it’s also easy. SUCCEED is a once-a-day, every day nutritional program for total gi tract health in horses. You will likely see positive changes in your horse’s temperament, behavior and performance within the first 60 days of feeding SUCCEED. But it doesn’t end there. SUCCEED should be continued for the life of your horse as part of a complete management program.

Horses That Need SUCCEED®

The stresses of hauling, training, stalling and competition in addition to feeding grain and limiting turnout are hard on the horse’s gi tract health. If any of these lifestyle attributes apply to your horses, it’s likely they will benefit from SUCCEED.

Instructions for Use

Just one serving of SUCCEED once a day, every day with regular feed is all it takes. That’s it. No special mixing. No complicated feed program. Get feeding tips for best results.
Instructions for use
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Storage and Handling

Some basic guidelines for the proper handling and storage of the product can help ensure that the physical appearance and properties of SUCCEED are at their best.


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