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SUCCEED® for Focus & Good Attitude

Modern breeding programs produce horses born to excel in their jobs and love what they do. But focus and attitude are just as important as talent when it comes to equine performance.

Poor digestive tract health can decrease focus and willingness to train and perform. If your horse struggles to concentrate in the ring, he might have an underlying problem that needs additional digestive support.

Poor Focus Leads to Poor Performance

Discomfort and other physical affects of gastrointestinal problems and poor digestive function can distract your horse from the job. Horses may become resistant and avoid doing the work they usually do. A range of attitude issues can arise from poor digestive tract health.

Attitude issues include:

  • Reactivity to the environment
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Spooking at nothing
  • Increased anxiety
  • Running through aids

You can’t ride horses through focus and attitude issues when they’re the result of digestive problems. You have to address the root cause.

Healthy Horses are Happy Horses

Horses are incredible animals that give their all for their human partners when managed and handled well. But we can’t expect horses to want to do their jobs if they’re not healthy.

A healthy horse is a happy horse. Nothing beats riding a happy athlete who loves working with you. That partnership is why serious horse people do everything they can to keep their horses healthy. We do it for the horses, not the competition.

How SUCCEED® Supports Focus and Attitude

Supporting optimal digestive tract health with SUCCEED keeps horses be healthy, balanced and comfortable inside, allowing them to focus on you, not their bellies. Also, research shows a direct connection between the gut microbiota and brain. Lack of bacterial diversity has been tied to anxiety and depression. When the microbiota is healthy and balanced, horses are better able to be calm and focused—generally good minded.

A healthy digestive system benefits the entire horse. A horse with good GI tract health is zoned in, laid back, and ready to work. And when every minute difference counts, a focused horse is a winning horse.

Stop fighting against poor digestive tract health and help your horses be at their best with SUCCEED.

Your Horse’s First 60 Days on SUCCEED®

In just the first two weeks of feeding SUCCEED, many horse owners notice a more agreeable attitude and better work ethic in their horses. Small changes over time will ultimately add up to a noticeable difference in how your horse looks, acts and performs.

Is SUCCEED right for you?

Find out if your horse’s health and performance could benefit from added digestive support.

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