Many health products get the endorsement of a top rider or trainer, but only SUCCEED is used and supported by so many equestrians across the industry. Riders, trainers, veterinarians and breeders, in English, Western and racing have found success with SUCCEED … and are willing to put their names behind it.

Read the following equine supplement reviews from real horse men and women and see how SUCCEED is working in horses of all disciplines and uses.
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Taylor Sheridan – Writer, Director, Executive Producer, and Creator of Yellowstone -

“I use SUCCEED on every horse I own and every horse we use on Yellowstone. From improving body composition to coat to soundness, SUCCEED has noticeably improved the quality of my herd. I don’t know the science behind it, but I know it works.”

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Katy Barr - Head Groom to HRH The Princess Royal

“The difference in Cloudy since starting SUCCEED is astounding. His appetite has improved hugely. All grumpy and anxious behaviour has disappeared, he’s no longer girthy, and he now stands quietly while tacked up. Cloudy’s realised being brushed is lovely and enjoys being touched now. He’s working quietly and with great focus. He’s generally a different horse.

There are so many things that have changed along with Cloudy’s digestive health, including that we now have a more receptive and calmer horse. Thank you SUCCEED. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

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Jamie Gornall - International Show Jumper

“We use SUCCEED on a day-to-day basis as a foundation in the feeding and training regime for all the horses at Gornall. We find good gut health is essential in maintaining the horses’ optimum health as it enables maximum nutrients to be absorbed from the feed that they are given.

Using SUCCEED has helped transform our horses into a picture of health and aided their performance, as they feel more comfortable in the gut and absorb more nutrients which helps to build condition. It has helped keep the horses in regular digestive patterns, with less bloating, and minimized any issues that they had previously had with girthing.”

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Melissa Collins - Collins Sporthorses

I am a professional trainer. I received “Goose” for lease for a client of mine in May of 2016. He was super well behaved and seemed eager to learn to jump. In the fall, things seemed to take a turn for the worse in his training. Bucking, kicking out, nervous, anxious and it escalated to rearing. Couldn’t groom him, wouldn’t stand or even take the bit when tacking up. I chiropracted him, got his teeth floated, injected hocks and stifles and addressed his stomach health to no avail. His rearing had gotten terrible. My vet then suggested SUCCEED®.

Within three weeks of daily use I had a totally different horse. He is happy, comfortable and completely willing to do his job without a fuss. He Is currently jumping 1.05m and is quiet as a mouse in the barn. This is definitely not the cheapest route as far as supplements go, but it is worth every penny and I am a true believer!

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Chester Weber - Combined driving trainer and rider

Within three weeks there was a visible difference. You could easily tell which horses were on SUCCEED®, just from their appearance…. My horses regularly travel overseas and compete under extreme conditions. SUCCEED® helps to keep them healthy and focused, which gives them an advantage in competition.

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Jennie Brannigan - 3-Day Event Rider

My horse care philosophy is to combine the highest level of care with a program that makes sense for each horse. I won a free month’s supply of SUCCEED for Cooper back in 2007, and considering the amount of travel we were doing then, was pleased to see the difference it made. He looked good all over, and I liked how it was a whole and complete digestive-health product. If a horse’s weight is down or the quality of his coat is rough or if he just generally needs an all-around boost in wellbeing, I’ll put him on SUCCEED in SmartPaks.

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Emma Delport - UK Owner

“In all honesty I was skeptical….So I was amazed (and thrilled) when SUCCEED made such a significant difference. Within two weeks of starting Roo on SUCCEED he was accepting my leg again and willing to move forward. Not only do I have a horse I can ride again, but he is straighter under saddle than he has been in years. Thank you to SUCCEED for not only getting my horse back for me, but for a new and improved version!”

Photo: Wayne Jones Photography

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Lizzie Brown - 3-Day Event Rider

I use SUCCEED across my team of horses because I believe success starts from the inside out. It is a super product that the horses love and we love using – it is so easy and the results are noticeable in such a short time. SUCCEED is the platform upon which we can train and compete our horses to produce top results at the highest levels of eventing.

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Kim Gentry - Dressage Rider and Trainer

I was really impressed…. SUCCEED® has made a big difference for Concerto. SUCCEED® helped him handle the demands of his training be ensuring he’s eating well. I can see the difference.

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Ted Robinson - Reined Cow Horse trainer

One of the first things we notice when we start horses on SUCCEED® is they love it so much they meet us the door. We always see the biggest difference in our new training horses after putting them on SUCCEED®. The first change is in their coat. But the biggest thing I notice is an attitude change. They are happier to see you and are more willing to train.

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Jordan Larson - U.S. Reiner

It makes us feel good to proactively support the horses that we know are facing the challenges of intense training and a rigorous show schedule. We feel it is a good way to promote digestive health and keep our horses looking and feeling their best.

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Steffen and Shannon Peters - Grand Prix Dressage Trainers/Riders

With SUCCEED® our horses are consistently trainable and relaxed both at home and at shows. This is the best single product we’ve ever used on our horses, by far!

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Kimberly Prince - Grand Prix Jumper

When I started feeding SUCCEED® I saw a remarkable difference within a week…. I’m 100% sold on SUCCEED®. Now, when my grooms or I see great coats or attitudes or performances, we say to each other, ‘we think that’s from the SUCCEED®.

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Susan Treabess - Para Equestrian

We came to use SUCCEED® because of my WEG partner Moneypenny. After going through treatment, we started to concentrate on encouraging overall digestive health with SUCCEED. We saw dramatic results in her rideability and trainability…. I wouldn’t dare compete a horse without SUCCEED®!

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Chris King - Eventing rider and trainer

Our top horse is “The Secret Weapon”. Our vet (GB team vet Liz Brown) suggested we try him on SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program®. SUCCEED® promoted his appetite and his coat, condition and topline improved by 100%. In continuing to use SUCCEED®, this improvement was maintained throughout intensive training and major competitions. SUCCEED® has transformed my horses’ overall well-being and they all look and perform amazingly on it.

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Karen Jackson and Coco
Karen Jackson - Dressage rider

I have been using SUCCEED® for two months and the improvement in my horse has been unbelievable. The one thing that has really stood out for me is the change in her demeanor. She now has this air of alert calmness about her – a real presence. I always knew Coco was talented, but now she is talented and willing and eager to please.

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Nancy Sue Ryan - Hall of Fame QH breeder and trainer

With SUCCEED, our show horses are far better and far more responsive to our training. SUCCEED is the cheapest thing I can do to help myself in the show arena. We put new horses on the product and within 30 days you start seeing a big difference in everything – their attitudes, their trainability. I recommend SUCCEED to anyone who wants to be competitive at the shows.

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Liz Sharp and Bazil
Liz Sharp - Rider

Since putting my 21-year-old thoroughbred on SUCCEED® his condition has improved fantastically. His coat looks beautiful and he’s gained muscle tone and weight. At competitions he now feels like a different horse; more relaxed, concentrating on his work with a “look at me, I’m very special” attitude. I’ve been delighted by how SUCCEED has helped him and thoroughly recommend it.

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Ron Burke - Standardbred Racing Trainer

We use SUCCEED on many of our top performers, as well as new horses. If they don’t immediately start looking good under our program, we start them on SUCCEED right away. It seems like SUCCEED is the one thing that we can add that really helps them if they’re not as healthy as they should be. We trust SUCCEED to keep our horses in excellent health. Healthy horses are winning horses, and SUCCEED helps us get there.

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Cathy Weischhoff - 3-day event rider

Unbelievable. Not overnight, but little by little. Our program now is good feed, good care and SUCCEED®. Every horse in training should be on SUCCEED®.

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Monty Roberts - International clinician and trainer

I’ve dedicated my life to working with horses through a natural, positive approach. That’s what makes SUCCEED® such a special product. It works with a horse’s natural digestive process, so the horse can achieve its optimal condition, attitude and performance. That’s why I’m so pleased to Join-Up® with SUCCEED®.

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Frank M. Andrews, DVM, MS, DACVIM - Louisiana State University

I have used the SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program® product in clinical settings. I have found this product to be beneficial, particularly for hindgut conditions, and in foals. I would also recommend SUCCEED® as part of an ongoing digestive wellness program.

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Fay Windsor - Dressage rider

I first put Sovereign on SUCCEED when he was on stall rest recovering from hock surgery, as I was worried about his digestive health. We started the SUCCEED right away and were relieved to see a noticeable improvement in about a week. Now Sovereign is all better and back to his job as a hard working dressage horse. We decided to keep him on SUCCEED and it’s one of the best decisions we ever made.

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Leslie and Lesley Law - Olympic eventing rider and trainer

SUCCEED® is part of our program now, because we want our horses to have every advantage. And SUCCEED® gives them that.

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Karen O'Connor - International Eventing Rider and Trainer

SUCCEED® seems to help the horses metabolize their feed better. Their weights are up, and keeping up. They actually seem to enjoy eating now. We have all of our top International competitive horses on SUCCEED®. These horses need to be in top condition for this level of competition. SUCCEED® helps make the management of these horses a little easier.

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photo by Marielle Andersson Gueye
Lucinda Green - 3-Day Event Rider

There is a better way and it’s called SUCCEED. if you are looking for an improved path to gut health and therefore performance, I suggest you try SUCCEED.

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Liz Pinkston - Barrel racer

SUCCEED® definitely worked for us at the NFR. I was really impressed with how Doc stayed on his feed! His demeanor was great and he wasn’t tired.

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Lynn Palm - Clinician and trainer

Many people don’t realize how digestive health can keep your horse, and you, from achieving that moment of perfect harmony. That’s when SUCCEED® really performs its magic. SUCCEED helps maintain your horse’s good digestive health, for optimal condition, attitude and performance. I know – I’ve seen the results on my horses with SUCCEED® SmartPaks. If I didn’t believe in SUCCEED® I wouldn’t put my name behind it.

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Nick Zito - Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame trainer

I’ve been in the racing industry for thirty years and I guess I’ve been asked to endorse almost every kind of horse-related product at one time or another. I’ve never wanted to recommend anything until now. I believe in SUCCEED 100%. I’ve seen dramatic results in the six months I’ve used this product. My horses’ haircoats, appetites, and blood work have all improved. If they feel better, they run better.

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Emily Miller, DVM - Cleveland Equine Clinic

The challenges of high caloric diets, training schedules and trailering can affect a horse’s natural digestive health, and that can affect performance, attitude, efficient digestion and more. We have found that SUCCEED® provides an effective natural approach for horses facing many of these rigorous conditions. I have reviewed a number of studies conducted by Freedom Health that demonstrate SUCCEED’s effectiveness on performance horses, brood mares and foals in a number of applications. Perhaps more importantly, I have seen the results first-hand and I have been impressed. I recommend SUCCEED® to my clients for general wellness and prevention. Many have seen the benefits in avoiding problems as well as improving their horse’s digestive health, conditioning and immunity. Plus, I use SUCCEED® on my own horses as well.

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Barclay Tagg - Thoroughbred trainer

SUCCEED® really makes a difference. I’ll tell you, this product really works. I use it on all my horses, and I can see the difference in my vet bills and on the track. SUCCEED® pays for itself every time.

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Ron Ellis - Thoroughbred trainer

There’s really nothing else like SUCCEED®. I’ve been using it since day one. It keeps my horses looking great, eating well and maintaining good health. For me, it’s automatic – every new horse goes on SUCCEED®.

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Scott Lake - Thoroughbred trainer

SUCCEED® really makes a difference. It helps keep my entire string in top shape. Look at my results. Every good racing program should include SUCCEED®.

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Mickey Burke - Standardbred Race Trainer

SUCCEED® has done a world of good. We’ve just had the biggest year we’ve ever had. Our feeding program is the same; SUCCEED® has been the only change.

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Rob Harmon - Standardbred trainer, won 53 races in one month in 2006

My results speak for themselves. What else can I say? SUCCEED® is amazing. It will always be part of my program.

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Ron McCaffrey - Standardbred trainer of double world record holder, Home Bred Advantage

I was skeptical at first, but I can really see a difference. You don’t have to take my word for it. You can see the results on the track. SUCCEED® really made a believer out of me. I believe in this product 100%.

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Courtney King-Dye - Grand Prix dressage rider

SUCCEED® worked wonders within just a few weeks. Idocus was so much better. We came in to the World Cup ranked somewhere in the 30s, and we finished sixth. It was very exciting….SUCCEED® is the real thing.

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Kate Levy - Grand Prix Jumper

I tried SUCCEED® and it really worked wonders…. I feel like we have an advantage, just knowing what SUCCEED® can do. And the results speak for themselves. I use SUCCEED® on every horse now. It’s an essential part of my program.

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John Rannenberg - Arabian horse trainer and rider

The difference with her on SUCCEED® has been dramatic. She really enjoys her work now and has become much easier to train…. I recommend SUCCEED® across the board for all types of working show horses and any horse dealing with the tough demands of the show horse life.

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Kim Zito - Wife of Nick Zito, involved with horse rescue and recovery

I saw some of the horses Nick had put on SUCCEED® and it was just unbelievable. The changes were very dramatic. That sold me!

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photo by Suzanne Sturgill
Aequus - Arabian Park Horse

Aequus is the winningest park horse in Arabian breed history. He was a finalist for the 2007 USEF Horse of the Year award.

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photo by Lisa Andres (Flickr)
Funny Cide - Kentucky Derby Winner

Thoroughbred racehorse Funny Cide won the 2002 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes.

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Mary Trowbridge - Arabian horse trainer and coach

I was one of the very first trainers to use SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program, so the product has been part of my feeding and conditioning program for some time. Now I can tell the horses that are on SUCCEED just by walking the barn aisle and glancing into their stalls.

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Free Willy - Hackney

Hackney carriage horse was a 2007 USEF Horse of the Year finalist.

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Esteban - Friesian

2007 USEF Horse of the Year Finalist

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Harlem Globetrotter - Saddlebred

Champion Saddlebred

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Floriano - Warmblood

Dressage champion under Steffen Peters.

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Ravel - Warmblood

Dressage champion under Steffen Peters and 2009 USEF Horse of the Year.

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Jamaica - Combined driving

Lead horse for Chester Weber and 2008 USEF Horse of the Year.

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For the Love of Thunder - Arabian

Arabian champion.

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Joan Hamilton - Kalarama Farm

SUCCEED® made a huge difference for Harlem Globetrotter. Now he has a bloom to his coat and his eyes are bright, he is filled out and looks like a much younger, happier horse. There’s no doubt that this is a great thing for our horses. I’m truly grateful for this product’s development.

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Tom and Mary Robertson - Quarter Horse Halter Trainer

SUCCEED® helps our horses get more value from what they eat and helps us keep them on an even keel all the time. We’ve found success with every horse we’ve put on SUCCEED®.

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Joe Woodard - Thoroughbred trainer, won 10 straight at Churchill in 2005

Winning any race is a special thing, and making history is incredible. But getting claiming horses to perform like this is tough to do. SUCCEED® really made a difference. I’m not imagining that my horses are doing well, I see it in print now.

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Teddy O'Connor - 2007 USEF Horse of the Year

Famous three-day eventing pony Teddy O’Connor was named the 2007 USEF Horse of the Year.

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SUCCEED® Testimonials:

The challenges of high caloric diets, training schedules and trailering can affect a horse’s natural digestive health, and that can affect performance, attitude, efficient digestion and more. We have found that SUCCEED® provides an effective natural approach for horses facing many of these rigorous conditions. I have reviewed a number of studies conducted by Freedom Health that demonstrate SUCCEED’s effectiveness on performance horses, brood mares and foals in a number of applications. Perhaps more importantly, I have seen the results first-hand and I have been impressed. I recommend SUCCEED® to my clients for general wellness and prevention. Many have seen the benefits in avoiding problems as well as improving their horse’s digestive health, conditioning and immunity. Plus, I use SUCCEED® on my own horses as well.

Emily Miller, DVM

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SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program provides an easy, effective and affordable approach to managing optimal digestive health in your horse. It’s been shown to be effective time after time, with top riders, trainers and veterinarians. SUCCEED is available as an oral paste and as granules in several sizes.

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