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Frequently Asked Questions About SUCCEED®

Have questions about SUCCEED programs? See these commonly asked questions and their answers. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

SUCCEED® Formulation and Quality

What’s in SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program?

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is scientifically formulated to support the health of the entire equine digestive tract, especially during the daily challenges of active training and competition, breeding, foaling, etc.

It’s a unique combination of key ingredients:

Polar Lipids

Components of oat oil, help transport nutrients into the bloodstream and support the intestinal mucosa that lines the gut. The oat oil in SUCCEED is produced through a proprietary extraction process that retains a high portion of polar lipids.

Dried Yeast

A blend of two components from the yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae in SUCCEED – a yeast beta glucan and a yeast mannan oligosaccharide – supports a healthy hindgut and encourages the growth of intestinal villi.

Beta glucan

A soluble fiber of oats that supports a healthy immune system, helps ensure that feed moves through the GI tract at a normal, healthy rate for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption, and helps maintain reliable energy and even levels of blood sugar with levels already in the normal range. The oat product in SUCCEED (listed as “oat flour” on the label) is produced through a proprietary process that ensures a significant volume of beta glucan.

Amino Acids

Building blocks of proteins, SUCCEED includes two: L-Threonine, which supports a healthy mucus lining throughout the digestive tract and L-Glutamine, which provides fuel for muscles and supports the healthy development of enterocytes, intestinal cells responsible for nutrient absorption.

The SUCCEED Veterinary Formula also includes additional amino acids for superior support of the healthy structure and function of the equine digestive tract, including:

GI Mucosa

In healthy animals, L-Proline and L-Serine are amino acids that work with L-Threonine to support the normal production of mucus, which coats the wall of the entire GI tract.

GI Tract Muscle

L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Lysine are amino acids that support healthy muscle tone.

How does SUCCEED compare to pharmaceuticals?

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is not a drug and is not to be used in place of any drug. SUCCEED is a nutritional supplement, which is a type of functional food. SUCCEED is a combination of key ingredients formulated to support the entire digestive tract. The nutrients in SUCCEED work together to help maintain normal, healthy digestive structure and function. It is designed to support the health of the entire GI tract in the face of challenges horses encounter every day — stalling, intermittent grain feeding, travel, training and competition, breeding, foaling and weaning.

How does SUCCEED compare to other digestive supplements?

There are three primary areas where SUCCEED is superior to other products in the digestive health category. First, SUCCEED has unique ingredients, including oat oil rich in polar lipids, and oat flour rich in oat Beta glucan. Second, the ingredients all represent the highest quality and purity, and SUCCEED is produced in a facility certified to current GMP standards. Third, the SUCCEED formulation has multiple patents in the U.S. and in other countries around the world. Finally, SUCCEED has been tested and evaluated in multiple research trials since 2003.

Is the SUCCEED product in the syringes different from the granules?

While the form of the product is different, the granules and paste forms of original SUCCEED both contain the same ingredients. The SUCCEED Veterinary Formula oral paste is a different formula providing additional ingredients.

What is the difference between original SUCCEED and the SUCCEED Veterinary Formula?

The SUCCEED Veterinary Formula is available only from veterinarians. It provides all the benefits of original SUCCEED, with additional ingredients for superior support for the integrity of the digestive tract.

In addition, the SUCCEED Veterinary Formula includes the SUCCEED Healthy Gut Commitment, a program to support you, your horse and your veterinarian. (Ask your veterinarian for details.)

Is SUCCEED a probiotic?

No. Probiotics, or direct-fed microbials, deliver live microbials to the digestive system, to encourage normal gut microflora. SUCCEED ingredients do provide a nutrient source for the horse’s existing beneficial microbial population, which means SUCCEED does act as a prebiotic.

Can I make SUCCEED at home?

Making SUCCEED yourself at home is almost impossible. SUCCEED is the product of both specialized ingredients and specialized production processes. Many of the ingredients would be very difficult, if not impossible, for consumers to obtain with the specifications and levels of quality and purity used by Freedom Health in SUCCEED.

If I am currently using original SUCCEED, should I switch to the Veterinary Formula?
Deciding whether to use original SUCCEED or the SUCCEED Veterinary Formula is entirely your choice. Both provide superior support for the natural health of the entire digestive tract. In addition to some extra ingredients to provide superior support for horses facing the most rigorous challenges of modern horse care and feeding, the SUCCEED Veterinary Program includes the SUCCEED Healthy Gut Commitment, a program to support you, your horse, and your veterinarian. (Ask your veterinarian for details.)

Benefits of SUCCEED®

How does SUCCEED work?

The ingredients in SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program have been carefully selected, produced and formulated to work together, to provide nutritional support for the health of the entire digestive tract. Each provides benefits for different aspects of the structure or function of the digestive system. By using SUCCEED once a day, every day, your horse receives a steady supply of these key nutrients to ensure ongoing digestive health.

Why does my horse need SUCCEED?

If you could keep your horse on pasture, and you could rotate pasture from time to time, there would be few demands on its digestive system and your horse would most likely get the nutrition it needs. But this is not practical in the modern world, especially in performance. As a result, we’ve designed SUCCEED for any horse whose lifestyle includes a high grain diet, intermittent feeding schedules, stalling, travel, training and competition, all of which can challenge a horse’s delicate digestive tract.

Is SUCCEED for performance horses only?

No. Although SUCCEED was formulated for the special needs of performance horses, every horse is the same on the inside. Even light performers – horses that compete only occasionally or are used for riding – can be forced to deal with the challenges of training, travel, stalling, intermittent feeding and more. And brood mares and foals face special challenges that can affect digestive tract health. SUCCEED can also enable a senior horse to more easily maintain its weight and condition. All of these horses can benefit from a digestive tract conditioning program.

Will my horse like SUCCEED?

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program ingredients include the oil and fiber of oats. It has a natural oat flavor most horses love.

My horse chews the wood in his stall. Would SUCCEED help this horse?

Many believe wood chewing, or “cribbing”, is generally believed to be a sign of an underlying GI tract health issue. However, every horse is unique. You should consult with your veterinarian to determine the underlying cause of your horse’s condition and can advise you on the appropriate use of SUCCEED for your horse.

If SUCCEED is so good, and grain is so bad, can I stop giving my horse feed and just give him SUCCEED three times a day?

SUCCEED is intended to supplement the diet of horses and is not to be used in place of regular feed. While SUCCEED can support better nutrient absorption from feed, it does not provide all of the necessary nutrients for good health.

Is SUCCEED intended for horses with digestive tract health conditions like colic or ulcers?

If your horse has a serious health condition like colic, consult your veterinarian.

Who can I contact with technical questions?

Call 866-270-7939 (M-F, 8 AM to 4 PM ET), or email us at If you have questions about the health of your horse, always consult your veterinarian.

Using SUCCEED® Properly

How long do I need to use SUCCEED on my horse?

SUCCEED is not a drug or a “quick fix.” It is a functional feed supplement designed to support digestive tract health and well-being. Continue to feed SUCCEED once a day, every day for ongoing total digestive health. A response to good nutrition may be visible within 30 days, but please allow at least 90 days. Continue to use SUCCEED daily thereafter. Note that many performance horses enjoy an off-season rest, when they’re allowed to graze freely for a few months. During this period, you may find that your horses do not need SUCCEED or other supplements.

Can I use SUCCEED on pregnant mares or foals?

Yes. Because the ingredients in SUCCEED are nutrition-based and have been tested for safety, you can provide it to pregnant mares and foals following the use instructions on the label. In fact, our research shows benefits of using SUCCEED on pregnant mares, as well as weanlings and yearlings.

Does it matter what time of day I give my horses SUCCEED?

No. It is best to give your horse SUCCEED immediately before feeding or with feed. It does not matter with which meal you provide SUCCEED, but it would be best to provide it with the same meal every day.

What if I give SUCCEED to my horse twice in the same day?

Should your horse get twice the recommended amount of SUCCEED in one day, your horse will be fine. For fastest results, we recommend that you give a serving of SUCCEED both morning and evening for the first week of use. Always consult your veterinarian if you see any adverse reactions to any products. Many horses have shown benefits when being given a double serving of SUCCEED on days that they travel and compete.

What if I miss a day of using SUCCEED?

Regular, ongoing use of SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is an important part of maintaining total digestive health, now and into the future. If your horse misses an occasional day, however, there should be no significant impact. (However, for horses on the SUCCEED Veterinary Formula, daily feeding is required to maintain qualification for the Healthy Gut Commitment program benefits.)

SUCCEED is to be fed twice a day for the first week to ten days, but that’s not practical in my boarding stable. Can I feed both servings together?

While not ideal, there is no harm in feeding the two servings together when necessary.

To get the full benefits of SUCCEED, do I need to change my horse’s diet too?

SUCCEED is designed to provide support for optimal GI tract health while horses continue their regular performance and training regimens. However, your horse’s health is affected by its diet and feeding programs, so modifying these to emulate the horse’s natural grazing lifestyle as closely as possible would serve to benefit every horse as well.

What if my horse isn’t eating right?

There are many reasons that horses may not eat properly. You should consult with your veterinarian.

If SUCCEED helps a horse get more from its feed, should I change the amount of feed I’m giving?

Possibly. Consult a veterinarian or an equine nutritionist to determine the appropriate ration for your horse.

Do I use a full serving of SUCCEED with a pony?

SUCCEED has been formulated for a typical 1200 lb adult horse. While a full 27-gram serving of SUCCEED is not going to harm a smaller horse, the SUCCEED serving may be modified to accommodate smaller horses. For simplicity, we recommend feeding half of a normal serving to horses up to 400 lb (generally the weight of a weaning horse), and a full serving to larger horses.

Can I give a horse SUCCEED on the day of an event?

Yes. The nutrients in SUCCEED are safe and natural. There is nothing in SUCCEED that will compromise the horse’s well-being or its ability to perform on the day of competition. Further, SUCCEED contains no controlled ingredients and does not test.


What are the interactions between SUCCEED and drugs or supplements?

The ingredients in SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program are nutritional and should not conflict with any other supplements or medical products.

Will SUCCEED show up on drug tests?

No. SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is not a drug or testable substance. It contains no controlled ingredients.

When I opened the SUCCEED container lid, I notice a strong oat smell combined with an alcohol odor. Is this normal?

If you notice the scent of alcohol in SUCCEED, this is a natural result from the ethanol used in the production of the raw materials. It is harmless and usually blows off after a short time.

Is SUCCEED tested for safety?

A sample from every lot of SUCCEED is held for testing and long term evaluation (i.e., “shelf life” testing) to 2x the recommended use date (i.e., “best if used by” date printed on the label). Product quality is consistently maintained over this period of time.

My horse has been diagnosed with insulin resistance/Cushing’s Disease/EMS. Can I use SUCCEED?

Always consult your veterinarian before using any product with a horse diagnosed with any disease, who can advise you on the use of SUCCEED for your horse. Horses with insulin resistance benefit from diets lower in sugars and starches. The ingredients in SUCCEED should cause no issues for horses with this condition, and may aid in the effective digestion of sugars and starches that are in the diet. Always rely on your veterinarian’s advice regarding feeding your horse.

My horse has laminitis. Can I use SUCCEED?

You should consult with your veterinarian to determine your horse’s specific condition and the best approach to treatment and care. Your veterinarian can advise you on using SUCCEED with your horse.

Who can I contact with questions about safety?

Call 866-270-7939, or email us at If you have questions about the health of your horse, always consult your veterinarian.

Storage and Handling

Is there a shelf life?

Every SUCCEED label is imprinted with a “best if used by” date. SUCCEED is tested regularly, including stability and safety over time. These tests show that SUCCEED quality is retained long after the “best if used by” date on the label.

How should I store SUCCEED?

SUCCEED should be stored in a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight. The product may be safely kept refrigerated when not in use. Always keep SUCCEED covered so it is not exposed to air, which can reduce its appeal to your horse.

I left the lid off my SUCCEED granules bucket overnight. Is it still good to use?

The lid on the SUCCEED bucket helps to protect the product from moisture and contaminants. Leaving the lid off for one night may not pose any risk, but should be avoided.

My SUCCEED granules look wet? Is this normal and safe?

SUCCEED contains minimal moisture, and no water is added to the product. By doing this, and thanks to the nature of the oat oil in SUCCEED, the risk of rancidity is very low. In regular lab testing for rancidity, SUCCEED passes 100% of the time. When exposed to temperatures above 85° Fahrenheit, especially over longer periods of time, SUCCEED can bloom or release oil. This can give the appearance of the product being wet. However, this does not reflect moisture, and does not affect the product performance and utility. If this occurs and the product appears to be solid or clumpy, refrigerate overnight and use a fork to break up the product the following day. This should help restore normal granular consistency.

The SUCCEED I just purchased looks slightly different from the SUCCEED we just finished. Is this normal?

The ingredients in SUCCEED are derived from natural sources. As a result, some variation in color and consistency may be visible. Manufacturers of supplements often add fillers to their products to minimize the variation that naturally occurs. Freedom Health uses no such fillers. Slight variations in color or consistency have no bearing on product effectiveness or utility.

I left my SUCCEED in the car and it’s been warm lately. Is the product still ok?

The temperature inside of a car or other vehicle can reach well above 100° F, even if it’s temperate outside, especially on sunny days. While a few hours in excess heat won’t generally cause any risks to safety or product utility, it may cause oil separation, and clumping of granules or the like. SUCCEED should be kept in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight.

The SUCCEED granules are clumping in the bucket. Is this OK?

SUCCEED is a mixture of dry products (oat flour, amino acids and yeast) with oil. The separation of oil from the dry materials may occur, especially when the product is exposed to higher temperatures. This can result in the formation of clumps in the granular product. This has no effect on product performance or utility and can often be aided by shaking and refrigerating overnight.

Who can I contact with questions about proper storage or handling?

Call 866-270-7939, or email us at If you have questions about the health of your horse, always consult your veterinarian.

Purchasing SUCCEED®

Where can I find SUCCEED?

Original SUCCEED is available through select tack and feed retailers and veterinarians. Locate an authorized dealer near you, or visit one of our online retailersSUCCEED Veterinary Formula is available exclusively through veterinarians.

Can I try SUCCEED without risk?

If you’ve never used SUCCEED previously, and you want to try it, the SUCCEED Challenge is a one-time program designed for you. The SUCCEED Challenge provides a 60-day risk-free trial. You get a 60-day supply of SUCCEED product and a free 10-day starter pack. If you are not completely satisfied with the results after 60 days, it’s free.

Is SUCCEED available in different sizes?

Original SUCCEED is available in two forms: oral paste or top-dress granules. The oral paste is provided in cartons of 30 oral syringes. Granules are available in 30-day supply tubs, 60-day supply pails, in economy sized 10.71-lb buckets (180 daily servings) or in SmartPaks.

SUCCEED Veterinary Formula is currently available only in oral paste, in cartons of 30 oral syringes.

Do I need a prescription for SUCCEED?

No. SUCCEED is not a drug, and no veterinarian prescription is required. Original SUCCEED is available from select tack and feed suppliers as well as many equine veterinarians. New SUCCEED Veterinary Formula is available only from veterinarians.

Is SUCCEED expensive?

No, SUCCEED is affordable, especially compared to certain products, and considering the value it provides.

Is SUCCEED right for you?

Find out if your horse’s health and performance could benefit from added digestive support.

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With the Challenge, you can test the waters to see if SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program
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