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SUCCEED® Benefits Equine Behavior

Behavior problems in horses aren’t always solely due to personality, musculoskeletal pain, or training issues. Poor digestive tract health can contribute to many of the behavioral problems horse people struggle with every day.

We can’t expect our horses to be at their best if we don’t do everything possible to support their physical needs and comfort. Horses with behavior issues may have an underlying GI tract problem that could benefit from comprehensive digestive support.

Good Behavior Critical for Peak Performance

A comfortable horse is a relaxed horse, a relaxed horse is a focused horse, and a focused horse is confident. Supporting total digestive
health can significantly impact behavior, which is critical for peak performance.

The Benefits:

  • Quieter disposition
  • Cool under pressure
  • Happy, relaxed, and calm
  • Not reactive to the environment
  • Easier to handle

SUCCEED promotes optimal gastrointestinal function so your horses can be at their best. A horse with good GI tract health feels better inside and is fueled to perform. If your horse exhibits unwanted behaviors that training or other measures aren’t fixing, you may consider supporting total digestive health with SUCCEED.

Attitude Under Saddle

Horses can develop poor attitudes toward work when digestive problems make it uncomfortable for them to exercise. In addition, these horses may be extra sensitive to the rider’s aids on their flank and unable to focus on training.

The Problems:

  • Resistance under saddle
  • Don’t want to be caught
  • Refusing to enter the arena
  • Running off
  • Won’t pick up the correct lead

SUCCEED helps horses to offer greater willingness and better attitudes by addressing the root cause of discomfort and lack of focus under the saddle. When horses have healthy digestive systems, they can take their minds off avoiding pain and focus on their jobs.

Plus, research shows the gut microbiota directly  affects the brain, so there are physiological links between good digestive tract health and a good mind, too.

Reactivity on the Ground

Digestive problems can also make other activities uncomfortable for your horse. For example, horses may be reactive to brushing, tightening the girth, or being blanketed. Belly discomfort can also cause horses to be irritable and difficult to handle.

The Problems:

  • Poor ground manners
  • Girthiness
  • Reactive to grooming
  • Tail swishing
  • Irritability
  • Avoiding you

SUCCEED maintains optimal GI tract health so horses feel comfortable on the inside. Horses that feel good will be less defensive and more agreeable on the ground.

Stress-Related Behaviors

Stereotypies and stable vices are common signs of digestive dysfunction in horses. Performance horses are often subject to elevated stress levels that can disrupt the gastrointestinal system and contribute to undesirable behaviors.

The Problems:

  • Cribbing
  • Rearing, pawing, and digging while tied
  • Pacing
  • Kicking and biting
  • Won’t stand for the farrier

SUCCEED can help manage the effects of stress on performance horses by supporting a balanced gut microbiota. Horses with good digestive tract health are more likely to be relaxed and exhibit fewer stereotypic behaviors.

Your Horse’s First 60 Days on SUCCEED®

In just the first two weeks of feeding SUCCEED, many horse owners notice a more agreeable attitude and stronger work ethic in their horses. Small changes over time will ultimately add up to a noticeable difference in how your horse looks, behaves and performs.

Is SUCCEED right for you?

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