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SUCCEED Benefits

You’re an advocate for the complete wellbeing of the horses in your care, and SUCCEED can help you achieve it. SUCCEED is a once-a-day, every-day nutritional program for total digestive tract health in horses. Learn more about its extensive benefits for your horses’ digestive and overall health.

Equine Digestive Tract Health 101

In order to see why your horse needs SUCCEED, you first need to understand how equine digestion works and how it’s disrupted by modern husbandry and stress. Learn the basics on the horse’s digestive system.

Your First 60 Days on SUCCEED®

Achieving good gi tract health takes time, but most people see a difference within the first 60 days of feeding SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program. Results include:

  • Hearty appetite
  • Willing attitude
  • More engaged
  • Shiny haircoat
  • Good work ethic
  • Better bending and collection
  • Healthy weight
  • Balanced topline

Health Benefits of SUCCEED®

Having a healthy, happy horse hinges on the state of its digestive system.

Stomach & Hindgut Health

Keep your horses free from the most common problems affecting a horse’s GI tract health. Stop the cycle.

Weight & Condition

Maintain a healthy appetite, good nutrition, proper weight and muscle, and quick recovery.

Immunity & Resilience

Gut health impacts strong immunity as well as the horse’s ability to handle travel and performance stress well.

Performance Benefits of SUCCEED®

Having a healthy, happy horse hinges on the state of its digestive system.


The gut must be healthy and balanced for horses to be comfortable and fueled to perform.

Focus & Attitude

A healthy, comfortable horse with a balanced microbiota can be a focused, willing partner.


Gut health can determine how a horse handles itself in a stall, hauling, on the ground, and under saddle.

Is SUCCEED right for you?

Find out if your horse’s health and performance could benefit from added digestive support.

Dare to SUCCEED®? Take the Challenge… See results or your money back.

With the Challenge, you can test the waters to see if SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program
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