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SUCCEED for Stomach & Hindgut Health

Studies show that gastrointestinal tract issues are common in horses, especially those that compete. While most owners are familiar with common gastric disorders, equine GI tract health doesn’t stop at the stomach. Hindgut problems are also widespread and often go undiagnosed.

How SUCCEED Helps the Entire GI Tract

Every ingredient in SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is backed by detailed research and scientific support for its usefulness in correct digestion. These ingredients are essential to the proper functioning of the entire gastrointestinal tract in performance horses — both stomach and hindgut.

SUCCEED provides components the body needs for cell repair, production of protective mucus, strength and integrity of the gut lining, surface area for nutrient absorption, bioavailability of feed, strong immunity and removal of pathogens from the body.


Proper Functioning of the Stomach

Increased stress from performance demands and starchy diets can contribute to common equine stomach problems, including damage to the gastric lining.

The following ingredients in SUCCEED are needed for the proper functioning of the stomach:

  • The specially processed oat oil in SUCCEED has a high concentration of polar lipids, which have many benefits in digestion. These include support of mucosal tissue throughout the GI tract for a healthy gut lining. It also supports nutrient absorption.
  • L-threonine is an essential amino acid and component of mucin produced in the intestinal tract. This amino acid is vital for the regeneration of the gut wall and the mucus production necessary for a smoothly functioning GI tract, and it supports immunity.

Proper Functioning of the Hindgut

The following ingredients in SUCCEED support the proper functioning of the hindgut:

  • Oat flour is rich in beta-glucan, which slows the movement of digesta through the gastrointestinal tract. This effect enables the complete digestion of starches in the small intestine before they reach the hindgut and disrupt the gut microbiota. It also supports immunity and  a wide surface area for absorption.
  • L-glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid that supports mucosal tissue and health muscle (throughout the body as well as the muscles that move feed through the GI tract). While nonessential under normal conditions, research shows that increased stress can deplete the body’s natural glutamine supply.
  • Nucleotides and mannan oligosaccharides from yeast help with the healthy balance of bacteria in the hindgut. Mannan oligosaccharides are food for these good microbes (prebiotics), while nucleotides support intestinal recovery and mucosal thickness.

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