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Ted Robinson's Success Story

You can’t talk about the National Reined Cow Horse Association without mentioning breeder, trainer and horseman Ted Robinson.

Ted is one of the winningest horsemen competing in the NRCHA, a feat he often attributes to the legendary stallion Nu Cash, whose offspring he continues to train and compete on. Recognizing the role Nu Cash and his sons and daughters have played in his career, Ted does everything he can to keep his horses as healthy and happy as possible. As a result, every single horse in his show barn is fed SUCCEED.

Ted Robinson’s Achievements

Ted has seven NRCHA Open Snaffle Bit Futurity World Championships under his belt, and has been twice named World’s Greatest Horseman. His California barn is home to about 100 horses at a time, with about half in active training for Reined Cow Horse competition. He still rides up to 15 horses a day, five or six days per week. And all of the horses he’s riding, training and showing are on SUCCEED.

Happier, Healthier Horses are Easier to Train

With a focus on futurities, Ted primarily trains 3-year-old horses for Reined Cow Horse events. He frequently asks his horses to try new or unexpected things during the course of a ride. When he first started feeding SUCCEED, he immediately noticed that his horses’ coats started to shine and they seemed to maintain weight better. He also noticed a few other, less tangible benefits.

Ted Robinson riding

What I notice when I first put a horse on SUCCEED is that their eyes seem to be brighter, or maybe happier, he says. Some horses get a wrinkle around their eye that just makes them look grouchy; after they go on SUCCEED, I feel like they’re brighter and healthier-looking all around. When their stomachs are quieter, they’re a lot easier to be around. And anytime you’ve got a happier horse, you’ve got a horse that’s a lot easier to train.

Ted Robinson

"What I notice when I first put a horse on SUCCEED is that their eyes seem to be brighter, or maybe happier. I feel like they’re brighter and healthier-looking all around."


7 NRCHA Open Snaffle Bit Futurity World Championships
Twice named World’s Greatest Horseman


More Success Stories

Chester Weber

Chester Weber

"I am certainly impressed with this product. My horses regularly travel overseas and compete under extreme conditions. SUCCEED helps to keep them healthy and focused."


2 Individual Silver Medals and a Silver Team Medal at the World Equestrian Games
Youngest driver ever to qualify for the World Pairs Driving Championships

Ron Burke

Ron Burke

"If horses don’t immediately start looking good under our program, we start them on SUCCEED right away. It’s the one thing that we can add that really helps them if they’re not as healthy as they should be."

Trainer, Harness Racer

First harness race trainer to win over $100 million in career earnings
First trainer to win more than 1,000 harness races in a year

Tess Carmichael

Tess Carmichael

"I recommend SUCCEED regularly because it’s a product that I genuinely trust. I’ve had such great results from using it that I never think twice about encouraging other people to use it as well."


18 wins to her name
2017 Royal Windsor Amateur Grand Prix winner
2018 Longines Global Champions Tour winner in Monaco

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