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Tamara Reinhardt's Success Story

Professional barrel racer Tamara Reinhardt has been making barrel runs in the show pen since she was five years old. She’s a two-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier and member of the Women’s Professional Barrel Association.

While Tamara’s sport may deliver top speeds and crisp barrel turns, it’s her horse’s athleticism that amazes her. Tamara has taken jittery racetrack horses and turned them into highly competitive barrel racers—with the help of SUCCEED.

A Natural Bent Towards Barrel Racing

Horses and barrel racing are two primary staples from Tamara’s upbringing. Like her mother who was an avid barrel racer, Tamara has ridden her entire life. Growing up in Colorado and southwest Kansas, her family owned plenty of acreage and stalls to house barrel racing prospects.

Once Tamara started riding and barrel racing at a young age, she never stopped. Throughout her undergraduate and graduate years, Tamara dabbled in other disciplines to gather “nuggets” from other riders. But ultimately, conquering the cloverleaf pattern of the barrels remained her priority and first love.

When Tamara made the shift to become a professional barrel racer, her family and husband were very supportive. She continued her family’s tradition of buying horses from the racetrack and started training them at her home in Canadian, Texas, a remote part of the Texas Panhandle.

Tamara’s Career Highlights

Tamara attributes her professional barrel racing success to the horses that she rides.

“I’ve always looked at what I do as a coach or manager of horses. Anything that I achieve personally is due to the horse that I’m riding,” Tamara says.

When Tamara won the 40th Annual Dodge City Roundup in 2016, it was no surprise that she praised her racing partner, Frost Free. Tamara says her eight-year-old gelding “won that PRCA rodeo in the most slap-down, definitive performance that you could ask of a horse.”

Complimenting her winning title at the Dodge City Roundup is Tamara’s prestigious spot as a two-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier. The season-ending championship from the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association is one of the world’s premier rodeos.

Discovering SUCCEED

Tamara first discovered SUCCEED in 2005 after her uncle, a veterinarian, introduced her to the product. Her horse at the time had a very strong career that suddenly fell off. The quarter horse gelding, “Heisaperk”, developed a cranky disposition, lost his conditioning and had drastically reduced run times.

Following her uncle’s advice, Tamara gave SUCCEED a try. In less than two months, Tamara says her horse made a “180-degree” turnaround.

People wondered if I was riding the same horse. My horse’s performance went off the chart after starting on SUCCEED. He was a magnificent animal, Tamara says.

Feeding SUCCEED on the Road

Ever since her results with Heisaperk, Tamara has used SUCCEED for all of her performance horses. She feeds alfalfa along with a sweet feed mix twice a day—plus, SUCCEED.

“Honestly, because of rodeo travel and competition, you need to keep your feed regimen simple. It’s important to duplicate your at-home routine while on the road,” Tamara says.

Adding SUCCEED to her feeding and management routine has been a huge win. Horses who used to fuss at feeding time and have lackluster effort in training, now have pleasant dispositions and increased energy. Looking back, Tamara says she’s amazed at how many of her horses were likely dealing with digestives issues.

Barrel Horses with Better Performance on SUCCEED

For barrel racing horses, the right turn around the first barrel is a critical maneuver. After starting on SUCCEED, Tamara’s horse began executing precision right turns. Her horse’s overall conditioning and suppleness improved immediately.

“When a horse’s entire digestive system is pain-free and working, you can see the difference,” Tamara says. “As a competitor, it’s my responsibility to ensure that my horse is taken care of, especially since I’m asking him to work hard for me.”

SUCCEED not only improved her horse’s performance on the course, but outside of the ring, as well. Tamara’s horses are all former racetrack competitors, many of whom are prone to nervous and anxious tendencies. SUCCEED was the balm that calmed her horses’ temperaments, allowing them to focus and feel their best.

Tamara has seen long-term benefits of SUCCEED, as well. By managing her horse’s overall digestive health, it has helped to minimize injury in her performance horses.

It’s imperative to have SUCCEED in your program all the time, as a safety net. It gives any horse the opportunity to be at their best, when you need them at their best.

Tamara Recommends SUCCEED for Horses at Any Level

With SUCCEED, Tamara can successfully barrel race her top equine athletes. Her horses are physically and mentally ready for the sport’s quintessential speed, precision and propulsion.

She’s currently working with three promising horses, all with the potential to compete at more prestigious rodeos. Tamara hopes to further their development in the next few years and earn a spot at the Wrangler Nationals Final Rodeo again.

Tamara highly recommends SUCCEED for all performance horses, regardless of their competition level. SUCCEED is a “must-have” for your program, she says.

The research and science behind SUCCEED are unmatched. SUCCEED is a groundbreaking and essential product that’s easy to feed, has no additives, horses like it, and honestly, I’ve always seen the benefits within 7 days. It uncomplicates your feeding program, and you could probably throw out a lot of what you’re using simply by adding SUCCEED.

Tamara Reinhardt

"The research and science behind SUCCEED are unmatched. It’s a groundbreaking and essential product that’s easy to feed, has no additives, and horses like it."

Barrel Racing

Two-time National Finals Rodeo qualifier
Multiple time Prairie Circuit Finals qualifier
Prairie Circuit average champion


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Bill Levett

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Sissy Winn

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2021 Texas Circuit Finals Average Champion
2022 Texas Circuit Finals Year-End Champion

Ron Ralls

Ron Ralls

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Inducted into the NRCHA Hall of Fame in 2014
Just under $1 million in career earnings

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