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Haven Meged's Success Story

Miles City, Montana, is far from being rodeo country. But it’s where world champion calf roper Haven Meged calls home. Growing up helping his dad at the sale barn, Haven was no stranger to hard work. Haven knew from a young age that he wanted to be a calf roper and was determined to do whatever it took to make that happen.

Since entering the world of professional rodeo, Haven has made quite a splash. His ability to train a great horse and his will to win has made him a dominant player in the calf roping industry. Haven knows the stress he puts his horses under and wants to take care of them so they have long-lasting careers. That’s why Haven turned to SUCCEED.

Montana Calf Roper: Haven Meged

Horses and cattle were the centers of Haven’s childhood, laying the foundation for his passion. Haven’s dad owning the sale barn gave him insight into the business side of the western world since he was young. This experience allowed him to see all sides of the horse and cattle industry and what it took to be successful.

Montana is not exactly an ideal location to be a calf roper. With the severe winters and lack of experts in the business, Haven had his work cut out for him. You could say Haven was self-taught in the calf roping, a path not many are brave or talented enough to take.

The kids down south can go to someone’s house and get help and learn from the best. I didn’t have that. All I had was YouTube. I would watch videos then try to figure it out in the practice pen.

Calf roping had Haven’s heart from the start, but he was an all-around hand in high school. You could find Haven competing in almost every event during high school rodeo, from his first love of calf roping to riding cutting horses. Haven left his mark on Montana high school rodeo, winning 11 Montana state titles.

Haven knew if he wanted to be the best, he had to surround himself with the best. Upon graduating high school, Haven did whatever it took to get farther south, where he could rope year-round and get help from the best in the business.

Setting the Rodeo World on Fire

Haven’s rookie year in professional rodeo is a year that many say he will never top. That year alone, Haven won the College National Finals in the calf roping, Puyallup Washington, Ram National Circuit Finals, PRCA Rookie of the Year, NFR average title, and won the calf roping world title. Haven’s world championship that year was more than just a world title. He was the first tie-down roper to win a world championship in their rookie year since the legendary Joe Beaver in 1985.

“I have had a lot of good ropers tell me I will never top my rookie year. They may be right, but I am sure going to try to have that kind of year again!”

Not only did Haven capitalize at almost every big event that year, but he was also still in school and competing in college rodeo. Somehow Haven found a way to juggle it all, even if it meant flying back and forth from the California rodeos to make a college rodeo just to catch a flight back to California. It is safe to say he earned his accomplishments that year the hard way.

“A lot of people ask me how I did it my rookie year, but in a way, it was easier that year than it is now. I didn’t have anything to prove that year. Now people expect me to win; it’s my job. It’s changed for the better, but the pressure is more now.”

Haven continues to prove that he deserves to be under the bright lights of Las Vegas. In 2022, he’s headed back to the NFR for his 4th consecutive trip. Unprecedented amounts of money were won in every event this year, making it even more of a challenge to be in the top 15. Haven rose to the occasion, pocketing $156,027 and sitting 3rd in the world headed to the finals.

It’s been a great year, I rode a green horse most of the year, and he did great. I can’t wait to get back to Vegas and be out there with all the sponsors and fans. It’s the best time of the year.

Calf Ropers Turn to SUCCEED

Fellow endorsee Zack Jongbloed first introduced Haven to SUCCEED. When Haven was traveling with Zack during the summer, he couldn’t help but notice that he gave his horses SUCCEED every day. After Haven picked Zack’s brain for quite some time about the product, he decided he might as well try some for himself.

Haven didn’t only want a product to give before roping but something he could give daily as well. The first horse Haven started on SUCCEED was his great mare Beyoncé and his other horse Smoke. During the last couple of summers on the road, Beyoncé stressed during the long hauls.

The hauling beats these horses up more than the roping does. I wanted a product I could give every day, whether competing or not. I love that I can give SUCCEED every day.

Haven took his 6-year-old horse Smoke out on the road for the first time and was worried about how he would adapt to the hauling. After a couple of weeks on SUCCEED and seeing the difference, Haven knew that is what he wanted to feed for his horse’s digestive health. He feels that SUCCEED played a crucial role in keeping him feeling good and adapting to life on the road.

SUCCEED Helps Summer Run Recovery

“After hauling a lot of miles, I would touch my horse’s bellies and backs, and they were body sore. After 30 days of using SUCCEED, I noticed my horses were not as body sore.”

Both of Haven’s horses tend to be more on the anxious side. This summer, he felt SUCCEED played a considerable role in managing their nerves and anxiety. They were both much quieter and calmer when it was time to compete.

The care of his horses is extremely important to Haven, and SUCCEED is now a vital part of his routine. “I like to be the one to feed my horses every day. I get up early to get them fed and ensure they are getting their SUCCEED.”

After returning home from the summer, Haven was excited to see his horses stayed fuller than in years past. It is normal for rodeo athletes to give their equine partners a good amount of time off after the summer run. Haven said this year, thanks to SUCCEED, his horses still feel and look so good he won’t have to give them as much time off because they held up so well.

Giving SUCCEED everyday conditions the horse’s digestive tract. I recommend SUCCEED to everyone who is going down the road. If everyone fed SUCCEED, they wouldn’t have the digestive issues with their horses that lead to other problems like getting anxious and losing focus.

Haven Meged

"The hauling beats these horses up more than the roping does. I wanted a product I could give every day, whether competing or not. I love that I can give SUCCEED every day."


2019 Calf Roping World Champion and NFR Average champion
2019 Calf Roping Rookie of the Year
2021 Reserve World Champion


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