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Jackie Ganter's Success Story

Jackie Ganter Rodeo

Abilene, Texas, Barrel Race Jackie Ganter has been a household name in professional rodeo since she was 18. Jackie had a rookie year that most people dream of, earning the respect of rodeo fans worldwide.

After a few rough years and having to regroup, Jackie is back and is a force to be reckoned with. After facing digestive issues with her horses, Jackie prioritizes her horse’s health from the inside out. SUCCEED is vital in keeping her horses happy and healthy at home and on the road.

From the up-and-coming superstars in training to her seasoned pros, Jackie trusts SUCCEED to take care of all her horse’s individual digestive needs.

Change of Discipline but Same Love of Horses

Jackie Ganter is known as an accomplished barrel racer and trainer. Most don’t know that is not how she got her start with horses.
Jackie was an eventer before she set foot on a barrel horse at age 12. It wasn’t until the time came to retire her eventing horse that Jackie switched to the world of barrel racing.

“I had a really nice eventing horse, and after shopping for a long time, it was starting to seem like I would never be able to replace her.”

When this realization sank in, Jackie decided she would try barrel racing. Thankfully her mom was a good trainer with years of experience, so she knew exactly how to get Jackie started to set her up for success.

“My mom did a really good job of not starting me on too much horse. Each horse I got on was a little bit faster than the last one, making it a smooth transition.”

When Jackie was in junior high, her mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She had to put barrel racing on the back burner, which allowed Jackie to run some of her mom’s horses. These good horses were the last step in Jackie’s career to take her to a top-notch competitor.

Fortunately, Jackie’s mom beat cancer and has continued to be instrumental in Jackie’s success.

Battle of the Rookies

Rookie years can be anything but glamorous, but Jackie had a rookie year to remember. While the season might’ve had a fairytale ending, getting there was a roller coaster ride.

“I had a long dry spell in July where I didn’t win anything. But after Casper, something happened, and I climbed my way back inside the top 15 and never dropped back out of the standings.”

It was a battle of the rookies that year where three, including Jackie, took turns sitting in that top spot. When the season ended, Jackie and one other rookie, Vickie Carter, would be heading to the Thomas and Mack to battle it out for ten days to decide who got to walk away with the Rookie of the Year title.

That rookie season was the knife fight of the century. Vicki and I made the finals, and Katelyn had a chance and still ended up top 20. It was a battle to the end.

In addition to making the NFR and winning the coveted title of Rookie of the Year, Jackie also finished her first NFR by winning second in the average. Since then, Jackie has been a household name.

Highs and Lows of Rodeo

After that fairytale rookie year, Jackie went on to qualify for the NFR the following year. But after that, the stars did anything but align for her rodeo career. Rodeo has many variables; success one year does not mean it is promised the next.

For the past six years, Jackie has been plagued with unfortunate circumstances keeping her from the bright lights of Vegas. However, this year Jackie has had a comeback season that took even her by surprise.

“I thought last year would go like this year has gone. But rodeo has a way of humbling you, and I ended up sitting at home more than ever. I knew my horses were sound and ready this year, but I still did not expect it to go as well as it has.”

Jackie has dominated the 2023 rodeo season during the winter rodeos and has her eyes on another NFR qualification.

A lot of rodeo is knowing when it’s your time to go. Knowing when it’s good for you and your horse. It’s funny how rodeo has its ups and downs. There are a lot of really high highs and really low lows.

The Turn to SUCCEED

Jackie Ganter social media pic

Jackie has a unique story with SUCCEED, as it entered her life multiple times before she decided to make it a permanent part of her program. Jackie’s first experience with SUCCEED came from a horse she had bought and was struggling with. Jackie could see a difference when this horse was on SUCCEED, but she ended up selling him and didn’t think much about SUCCEED after that.

SUCCEED came into Jackie’s story one more time before she decided to make it a permanent part of her program. When Jackie’s NFR horse Baby J came back into her life, SUCCEED also returned to her program for good!

“Each time I had used SUCCEED before Baby J, I had great success; I just never kept using it. The people I bought Baby J from couldn’t say enough good things about it, so I implemented it back into my program, and the rest is history.”

SUCCEED For Top Performance

As a breeder, trainer, and competitor Jackie always has a wide range of horses in her barn. She loves SUCCEED’s versatility, so all her horses benefit. Competing at as high a level as Jackie means many hours on the trailer for her horses and high-stress environments.

“I try to feed and care for my horses the best I know how to. I feel SUCCEED pairs well with my current feed program, so my horses get all the nutritional benefits.”

Jackie has faced digestive issues with a couple of her horses and truly believes that using SUCCEED has helped keep those issues at bay. Before using SUCCEED, she had various stomach issues with her horses. Once Jackie saw the results SUCCEED produced, it has been crucial to maintaining a healthy digestive tract in her horses.

One of Jackie’s main mounts, Lane, suffered from hindgut issues last year, causing him to be sidelined. Since starting him on SUCCEED, Jackie has seen the benefits to his overall comfort and health.

“Lane has had so many health challenges. SUCCEED truly helps to soothe his gut and keep things moving normally. SUCCEED is one of the key things that keeps him going.”

Finishing Strong with SUCCEED

“I tend to have more fractious horses, and SUCCEED helps with their attitude, which makes a difference in how they perform. I love SUCCEED because it makes a noticeable change. I always have a wide variety of horses on my trailer with many different ages, personalities, and quirks, and SUCCEED helps all of them in unique ways.”

As always, Jackie has her sights set on NFR qualification. She aims to make a summer run that will cater to her horse’s strengths and get her back to some of her favorite rodeos. The schedule Jackie has means lots of trailer time for her horses. Thankfully SUCCEED helps her horses handle the stress of hauling while on the road.

“SUCCEED has helped in every aspect of horse’s health and experience on the road. From hauling, stalling, and the stress of competing, they are ready to handle it all.”

Her horses must stay feeling their best during the busiest time of the season to give Jackie a chance to win everywhere she is entered. Jackie believes that SUCCEED keeps her horses full and looking their best and makes for happier horses.

When their stomachs are upset, they are going to be unhappy. SUCCEED keeps those issues away and keeps my horses happy, and a happy horse is a winning horse.

Jackie Ganter

"I try to feed and care for my horses the best I know how to. I feel SUCCEED pairs well with my current feed program, so my horses get all the nutritional benefits."

Barrel Racer and Trainer

NFR Rookie of the Year


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