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Liz Austin's Success Story

Grand Prix dressage rider Liz Austin is a two-time national champion who’s had her feet in the stirrups for quite some time. And with each career milestone, Liz has always prioritized how her horses feel from the inside out, which is why she uses SUCCEED.

Liz’s childhood backdrop consisted of a 30-horse stable in Vermont, stunning Dutch warmbloods and dressage competitions. Her mother, Madeleine Austin, worked professionally as an accomplished Grand Prix rider, trainer and breeder. And from before the time that Liz could walk, her mother had her propped up in a saddle.

Starting at the age of three, Liz began competing herself. At first, she rode many disciplines but then began to focus on dressage competitions by the time she was six years old. “From a very early age, I knew I wanted to ride horses as a profession. I never even saw another career path,” Liz says.

Liz Austin and horse
Photo Credit: McKayla R. Hohmann

Liz naturally progressed from junior dressage championships to a professional riding career. She competed very successfully in the Young Rider division, earning an individual silver medal, and transitioned to Grand Prix events soon after. By her early twenties, Liz started competing internationally. She continues to train and compete in addition to being a sought after dressage clinician.

Liz’s Dressage Highlights

As a two-time National Champion of the prestigious Brentina Cup, Liz had a great start to her career. In 2006 and 2007, she won the event with her home-bred Dutch Warmblood stallion Olivier (aka “Fizzy”).

From there, Liz’s strong partnership with Olivier only continued to blossom. The duo earned a USDF gold medal, competed in the World Dressage Masters, made the longlist for the 2010 World Equestrian Games, became reserves for the 2011 FEI Dressage World Cup and won multiple Grand Prix events.

In 2013, Liz was given a grant to take her dressage training abroad. She traveled to England to live alongside and train with Carl Hester, the British dressage expert and Olympic gold medalist.

For two months, Liz immersed herself in Carl’s training program with two of her horses, Olivier and Coltrane. She recalls it being a “magical experience” and “one of the most inspirational riding adventures of my life.”

Today, Liz continues to pass along her dressage expertise and horsemanship through Liz Austin Dressage. She offers training, clinics, sales and riding lessons for horses and riders of all backgrounds. She’s helped move competitors up the dressage levels, and taken horses and riders from startup to FEI-level competitions.

Liz Austin riding
Photo Credit: R. Hoague Photography

Managing Top Dressage Athletes

Liz’s dressage athletes receive the finest care and horsemanship. She offers a “forward-thinking program” that’s focused on doing right by the horses.

“I want to be the best rider and trainer possible. We’re so fortunate to live in a time when there’s so much compassion for animals.” Liz says. “How we raise our horses and bring them along is important.”

A happy, well-fed horse is key for Liz’s management program. She’s constantly monitoring her horses’ moods for cues of discomfort and tailoring their nutritional needs.

How horses feel in their bodies, from the inside out, is my first priority. It’s our goal to always have food in them. When you get the nutrition part right, whatever athletic ability they start with just gets better and they can really perform for you.

Liz’s horses receive daily turnout to meet their forage needs, along with hay that is fed through slow feed hay nets. The bags offer a natural way of eating that slows food intake, promotes healthy digestion and helps to minimize digestive issues.

A grain-free diet is also important in Liz’s program. Twice a day her horses receive a mix of non-GMO beet pulp, alfalfa pellets and rice bran. She rounds out her horses’ management plan with a daily multivitamin, along with SUCCEED.

Starting to Use SUCCEED

Liz first discovered SUCCEED in 2006 when one of her horses started having intermittent digestive issues. She’d heard of the product and a friend recommended that she give it a try.

“SUCCEED made a world of difference for my horse. He was cranky, gassy and having too many bowel movements. SUCCEED really put a stop to it,” Liz says.

After starting on SUCCEED, Liz’s horse began maintaining his weight and his overall conditioning improved. Liz noticed a boost in his demeanor when his “grumpy” attitude subsided, too.

With these results in hand, Liz knew SUCCEED would be an ongoing part of her management program. She started using SUCCEED for all of her competition horses and has continued using it for more than a decade.

Putting SUCCEED to the Test

Recently, Liz had two horses who had spent some time away from her facility and care. Both horses had been on SUCCEED their entire lives, but were not using the product while under different management.

When the horses were returned to Liz, their GI tract health was suffering. Liz immediately got them started back on SUCCEED, which gave her horses the digestive reset that they needed.

SUCCEED is a remarkable product that makes a huge difference in sensitive performance horses. It really helps to ensure their gi tract health.

From time to time, Liz even gives her horses who are anxious or traveling an extra serving of SUCCEED for added digestive support. She has found that the horses “really love it” and eat it right out of the syringe.

Why Liz Austin Recommends SUCCEED

For Liz, truly great horsemanship begins with elevating her horse’s needs. She knows that the “happier the horse is, the more they’re willing to work for you.”

Liz manages each of her horses as individuals, providing the utmost care and dedication. SUCCEED is one of the ways she ensures her performance horses are functioning to their full potential, from the inside out.

“I’ve used a lot of different products, and SUCCEED is one of the products I believe in the most,” Liz says. “I’d recommend that anyone try it for a month. I’ve given SUCCEED to people I know, and they become customers because it truly works.”

Liz Austin continues to influence and lead in the equestrian community from her home base in Massachusetts. To keep up with Liz’s dressage accomplishments, follow her on Facebook @lizaustindressage or visit her website,

Liz Austin

"SUCCEED is a remarkable product that makes a huge difference in sensitive performance horses. It really helps to ensure their gi tract health."


Two-time national Grand Prix dressage champion


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Liz Austin

Liz Austin

"SUCCEED is a remarkable product that makes a huge difference in sensitive performance horses. It really helps to ensure their gi tract health."


Two-time national Grand Prix dressage champion

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