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Caroline Pamukcu's Success Story

Caroline Martin

Some might say Caroline Pamukcu was destined to be an eventer. As fate would have it, Caroline’s childhood home was next door to an eventing barn, establishing her love for horses at a young age. Her mom was the first to fall in love with horses. Caroline followed suit quickly, spending most of her free time at the barn and eventing from the tender age of seven.

Although Caroline deeply loved horses, she also wanted to experience all the different things school and sports had to offer. Caroline’s drive and competitive spirit carried her through these activities before she eventually put her entire heart and soul into the eventing world.

Caroline is an accomplished competitor and businesswoman who has a keen eye for a good horse. From her horses for sale to the horses she competes on, Caroline trusts SUCCEED to have all her horses looking their best.

Adventures Abroad

As a high school freshman, Caroline decided she wanted a change of pace. She went south to Central America to study abroad and experience life in new ways. When that year ended, Caroline realized her heart was hurting to be with horses again.

“I desperately missed the horses; it was like a part of my soul was missing. That is when I realized how passionate I was about them.”

So, Caroline took eventing from a mere after-school activity and turned it into her life’s work. At 17, Caroline won the North American Junior Young Rider Championship gold medal in individual and team events. That same year Caroline became the youngest member ever of the high-performance team.

“Winning the gold at the Junior Olympics solidified my career and the path I wanted my life to take.”

From then on, Caroline had her eyes on the Olympics, and nothing would stand in her way. She began training strenuously with her horses to reach her ultimate goal of an Olympic experience.

Turning Passion into Profit

There comes a time in every horse enthusiast’s life when they realize they must choose to find a way to make a career out of their passion for horses or find a 9-5 that works for their lifestyle. Luckily for Caroline, she was a fierce competitor and had the business sense to go along with it.

At 21, Caroline started a sales operation that now moves over 100 horses per year. Caroline has built a reputation as a successful businesswoman in addition to her recognition as a successful competitor.

Caroline’s ability to source and produce top-quality horses makes her respected as a top seller of eventing horses. Her quality horses and stellar reputation have developed a loyal customer base across all levels. Caroline is a multi-talented horsewoman with her competitive accomplishments, an eye for horses, and business acumen.

SUCCEED for a Decade

Caroline has been an avid SUCCEED user for about ten years and believes it is a huge part of her horse’s success. She first heard about SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program from her vet after she, unfortunately, had a horse pass away from digestive complications.

“After losing that horse, my vet knew immediately SUCCEED was what I needed to add to my program. I saw undeniable results and quickly put every horse on it.”

Caroline was amazed when her horses not only looked physically better but also acted and competed better. Her horses’ coats and weight bloomed, and she couldn’t believe how much their physical appearance had changed in such a short amount of time.

Caroline also loved that when she went to saddle her horses, they were clearly feeling better.

Before I started SUCCEED, they were sensitive when I saddled them. After being on SUCCEED, that sensitivity is completely gone.

Caroline is extremely thankful for the mental change she’s seen in her horses. Thoroughbreds are known to be more sensitive and on the hotter side, which can make training difficult. Caroline finds that SUCCEED helps with this sensitivity and makes them happier and more trainable.

SUCCEED for Eventing Horses

SUCCEED is a daily staple in Caroline’s barn. All her horses get it before she gets on to ride them. Everyone has a different preference of when to give SUCCEED, but Caroline believes feeding right before riding helps stimulate and prepare them. Caroline also loves that her horses love getting their SUCCEED, so giving it to them before they ride is a treat.

“I like for them to associate riding with SUCCEED. Since they look forward to getting their SUCCEED, they will hopefully look forward to riding instead of dreading it.”

For eventers, traveling overseas is not uncommon. However, it can take its toll on the horses. Caroline combats the stress of extensive travel by feeding a tube of SUCCEED when horses are loading on the plane and another tube when they are unloading.

SUCCEED is the only thing I pack with my horses when I’m preparing to ship them overseas. While a lot of other elements change, such as climate, feed, and grain, SUCCEED stays the same in their routine.

Eventing horses have unique physical needs and challenges as triathlon athletes. Maintaining a healthy balance of peak physical fitness and a healthy weight in their horses can be challenging for many eventers, including Caroline. In addition, these horses are on an extensive travel schedule, trailering to shows weekly during a regular season, which makes managing their nutritional needs even more difficult. SUCCEED has been instrumental in helping Caroline find that balance in her horses.

Caroline has trusted SUCCEED throughout all stages of her career and continues to make it a crucial part of her horse’s routine. Her horse’s digestive health is Caroline’s number one concern, and she trusts SUCCEED to maintain healthy and happy horses.

“Anything I can do to make my horses feel better, I will do it. A happy gut makes a happy horse.”

Caroline Martin

"After losing that horse, my vet knew immediately SUCCEED was what I needed to add to my program. I saw undeniable results and quickly put every horse on it."


2013 – Present US Equestrian Development & High Performance Team Member

Reserve Champion, Mondial Du Lion World Breeding Championships 6 Yr Olds

1st Place, Cornbury House International CCI2*-S (England)


More Success Stories

Rosa Onslow

Rosa Onslow

"SUCCEED has transformed my horses’ performance, and I would not compete without it. They are happy, comfortable, relaxed horses, and that is not easy to achieve."


6th place winner in the CCI3* (now CCI4*L) at the 2018 Camphire International Horse Trials in Ireland

Lizzy Brown

Lizzie Green

"Within 24 hours of starting on SUCCEED paste, his appetite returned. He was happy in the stable and to train. He had a very successful first eventing season in 2013 thanks to SUCCEED."

Kiwi Eventer

Boekelo CCI3*
Houghton Hall CICO3* Nations Cup

Lucinda Green

Lucinda Green

"SUCCEED is not just for the horse, it’s for me. There are so many things about the horse’s digestive tract that we don’t understand and can’t see. SUCCEED means those things are under control."


LA Olympic Games in 1984 (team silver)
2020 Horse & Hound Lifetime Achievement Award

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