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April 3, 2013

Top 7 Most Popular SUCCEED Articles From 2012

SUCCEED’s mission is to deliver content that not only educate horse owners, riders and trainers on SUCCEED products and news, but provides important information about how SUCCEED will benefit your horse’s health and nutrition. Your horses are our top priority, and as 2013 continues, here’s a compilation of the most popular articles posted about SUCCEED on our blog in 2012.

What Goes In: SUCCEED Ingredients Series

With just a heavily-regulated box label to go on, it can be very difficult to understand what’s really in your horse’s supplements and why it makes a difference. This series was written in 5 parts all addressing different ingredients in SUCCEED explaining how and why they work to help answer the common question, “what makes SUCCEED different?”:

  • What Goes In Pt 1: How To Read & Understand Your Horse’s Supplement Label – Equine supplement manufacturers who go “by the book” and get licensed for sale in the US are subjected to heavy regulation regarding how we label our product, what we call our ingredients, and how we describe what it does. Learn about how these regulations affect what you read on your supplement’s label.
  • What Goes In Pt 2: Benefits Of Oat Flour In SUCCEED – The oat flour in SUCCEED is beneficial to horses because it contains an unusually high concentration of beta glucan, which has many benefits for digestive health and immunity. Learn about the benefits of beta glucan, as well as the types of oats we use and how they are processed to retain higher concentrations of beta glucan.
  • What Goes In Pt 3: Benefits Of Oat Oil In SUCCEED – The oat oil in SUCCEED is rich in polar lipids that may help your horse’s brain function, energy, digestion, and overall wellness. For healthy equine digestion, polar lipids play a key role in improving the structure and function of cellular membranes responsible for nutrient absorption.
  • What Goes In Pt. 4: Benefits of Irradiated Dried Yeast in SUCCEED – The yeast products in SUCCEED contain two extracts of yeast that support a healthy hindgut, natural immunity, and the growth of intestinal villi.
  • What Goes In Pt. 5: The Synergy of SUCCEED’s Ingredients – SUCCEED provides good digestive health through a combination of ingredients working together to support the healthy structure and function of the entire equine GI tract – not just one portion. Overall digestive wellness and a proven track record are what set SUCCEED apart.

Using SUCCEED to Help Your Easy Keeping Horse Lose Weight

SUCCEED is an important part of your horse’s diet plan, and this article explains why.

The ingredients in SUCCEED help with nutrient absorption, which means that your horse won’t have to consume as much concentrated feed to meet energy and nutrition needs. With SUCCEED working to get the most out of the roughage your horse is naturally engineered to eat, he’ll get all of the vitamins and minerals he needs to perform — without starchy, sugary hard feeds that just adds calories.

Read Using SUCCEED to Help Your Easy Keeper Lose Weight. 

Feeding SUCCEED to Fuel International Success: Shannon and Steffen Peters

2012 was a big year for Steffen Peters as he prepared to head to the Olympics among other international competitions. As top international competitors, Shannon and Steffen understand the role optimized digestive health plays in international success. They have been using SUCCEED since the summer of 2005, when Shannon read about it in a magazine and decided to conduct a blind test on three of their top horses. She didn’t tell Steffen which horses she placed on SUCCEED, instead asking him to identify the horses on SUCCEED after three months. Based on the positive changes in their coats, weight and trainability, he guessed correctly.

Steffen is a SUCCEED sponsored rider who understands the importance of keeping a horse healthy on the inside for great success on the outside.

Read this article that profiles the Peter’s success as they headed towards the 2012 London Olympics. 

These were just a few of our most popular SUCCEED articles from 2012. To see more, check out our blog and be sure to subscribe to get the latest SUCCEED news directly to your inbox. Also, check out the most popular articles in our Horse Health & Nutrition section from 2012.



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