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May 6, 2022

In Memoriam: Dr. Kenneth Hill

By John Hall

I’m sad to report the passing of Dr. Ken Hill, the last of the triumvirate that developed SUCCEED. Ken was Professor of Equine Sports Physiology at Limerick University in Ireland. He ran the early trials of the SUCCEED formulation for Dr. Peter Bedding. Meanwhile, Dr. Frank Pellegrini had discovered colonic ulcers in horses. When these three put their heads together, SUCCEED was born.

Sadly, Ken suffered a stroke shortly before Christmas, 2021. He was hospitalized and slowly improving until he contracted COVID. Ken passed away just before Easter: his funeral was April 25, 2022.

I truly mourn the loss of another great man. Ken was always extremely helpful and supportive of what we were doing. He believed, as did Peter and Frank, that many of the issues facing horses today are a function of modern husbandry and that SUCCEED can allow a horse to maintain good health despite this, to be the best it can be.

Peter once told me that we would eventually show that colic and laminitis are related. Much to my surprise, this appears to be the case: both related to poor blood flow as an eventual result of colonic ulceration.

We celebrate Ken Hill’s life and his many contributions to equine health understanding, as we mourn his passing.



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