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February 13, 2014

New Year, New Horse for Rebecca and Mr. Popps

1619222_10151966705824527_2140492267_nCongratulations to Rebecca and her thoroughbred Mr. Popps on winning the “New Year, New Horse” 2014 Contest. 

The pair garnered the most “likes” on our NYNH Facebook album where we shared their photo and 2014 New Year’s Resolution. By winning the contest, Rebecca will receive a free SUCCEED Challenge pack, including a 60-day supply of SUCCEED and a 10-pack starter kit of SUCCEED paste.

Rebecca and Mr. Popps have been together since last February when Rebecca saw an ad for the horse in Canter, PA. She was reluctant to go see him at first, but once she saw his jog she fell in love with his personality and athleticism. Rebecca signed the papers to purchase Mr. Popps that same day.

Popps is a “cross country machine,” according to Rebecca. They attend quite a few jumper shows together, have become stronger in dressage and are quite competitive in the lower eventing levels.

2014 means moving Popps up to Novice and continuing to advance from there. Rebecca is currently working on solidifying the basics with Mr. Popps because at the end of the day, she just wants “a healthy and happy horse.” She’s in no rush to move him up in levels, yet remains confident that his athleticism will eventually allow for that.

Rebecca’s success is due in part to her focus on the quality of his care. She knows and understands Popps, and makes sure he gets the turnout and rest he needs, along with the proper training and prep for shows. As a college student, money can be tight, but Rebecca understands that there are certain things you have to provide for your horse. She says one of those things has been SUCCEED.

“When I first got Popps, I struggled to keep weight on him. He was also quite girthy and hated to have his belly touched. After two months on SUCCEED he looked like a different horse. His weight was much better, his coat was shiny, and his personality improved. This fall I shipped him on a frequent basis to shows and lessons and, despite the additional work and stress, he continued to gain weight.”

Congratulations again to Rebecca and Mr. Popps, And best of luck to the rest of the “New Year, New Horse” Contest participants.

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