The SUCCEED® Challenge Begins

Welcome, and congratulations on registering and committing yourself to the SUCCEED Challenge! You have taken an important first step to make a positive change for yourself and your horse.  We look forward to helping your horse maintain a healthier gut, with all the wellness and performance benefits that accompany improved digestive health. Here’s some information about your order and tips to ensure you and your horse succeed in this program.

Shipping and Processing

All SUCCEED Challenge orders will be processed within 5 business days from initial order date. We do not ship on Fridays. All Challenge orders are shipped via FedEx ground shipping from Aurora, Ohio. Depending on your location, it may take 5-10 business days for delivery once shipped.

Getting Started with SUCCEED®

Your Challenge Pack includes a 60-day supply of SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program plus a 10-pack starter kit of oral paste for an initial loading dose. When you receive your shipment:

  • Feed SUCCEED twice a day for the first 10 days. Add the 10 syringes in the free starter pack for that second feeding each of those days.
  • For the remaining 50 days, feed SUCCEED once a day, every day.
  • SUCCEED paste may be given orally or top dressed on feed.
  • SUCCEED granules should be top dressed on feed.

If you have questions, please contact us.

Track Your Horse’s Progress with SUCCEED

While you wait for your shipment to arrive, be sure to take before photos of your horse, maybe even some video, and make notes on the good and bad aspects of your horse’s current health, behaviors, and performance.

Download the “What to Expect” guide below to get an idea of how your horse may progress at various stages throughout the program. SUCCEED is not an overnight fix, and results happen gradually over time. That’s why it’s critical to establish a weekly checkpoint throughout the program and evaluate your horse’s:

  • Appearance
  • Temperament
  • Performance
  • Health

Make some quick notes in your smartphone’s note-taking app. Snap a quick photo. And if you have time, get some video as well.

Download the What to Expect Guide

Download the Challenge Journal

And if you commit to the program, follow the guidelines, use SUCCEED every day according to the use instructions, and STILL are not completely satisfied with the results? Let us know, and we’ll refund your money. But we are confident that won’t happen, because literally thousands of people use SUCCEED every day and see the results you are about to see and experience.