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NoteConsult with your veterinarian prior to starting any supplement or feed program.  Specific questions regarding your horse’s health or a condition, seek veterinary advice.


You are about to start on a 75-day journey to improved health, well-being and performance for your horse!

The great news is that incorporating SUCCEED into your horse’s daily program is easy! Be aware that changes can be subtle and gradual over time. Because we see our horse on a regular basis, it is important to take photos and use this electronic diary to track your observations of your horse’s progress. Pay attention to every aspect of your horse’s physical and mental wellness. You may be surprised at how a healthy GI Tract can allow a horse to improve in not only physical appearance, but attitude and athletic ability.

Get started now, good luck, and most of all, enjoy watching the progress!


To ensure your horse gets the very best start on SUCCEED, we recommend a twice daily serving, for the first 15 days.  Included in your Challenge are three (3) cartons of Succeed.  The first carton is labeled OPEN FIRST – 15-DAY DOUBLE SERVING.  Begin with feeding a syringe of SUCCEED in the morning, 15 minutes prior to any hard feed.  Then, a syringe in the evening, 15 minutes prior to any hard feed. Do this twice a day, for the first 15 days.  After that, one syringe daily.  This Challenge contains enough for your horse for the first 75 days.

A few recommendations from our Equine Professional Animal Scientist regarding nutrition and your program:

  • Keep it simple!  A horse’s diet should not be complicated.
    • Good forage and plenty of it
    • Any grain should be low in starch and sugar
    • 1 pound of feed ration balancer per day
      • Balancer should be the same brand as the grain you are feeding.  Ration balancers are formulated to “balance” the feed you are feeding
    •  If you are feeding a supplement, two simple questions:
      • Why are you feeding that supplement? – What are you trying to achieve?
      • Can your horse metabolize the ingredients in that supplement?  If not, you are paying for expensive stall sweepings.
    • A good joint supplement
  • For optimal GI Tract health – All you need is Succeed!
Paula L. Dorsey, PAS
Professional Animal Scientist, Equine
Succeed is a daily supplement, following the Challenge, please find Succeed in many local retailers or on our website via our Retail Locator.
How to Keep Your Diary

This electronic diary will make entries easy! Prior to starting the product, take a before photo! Then take a photo, preferably in the same location, at 45 days and then again at the end the Challenge.

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