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Tess Carmichael's Success Story

Traveling all over Europe while competing in the Longines Global Champions Tour is a dream come true for Taplow-based showjumper Tess Carmichael. Ever since childhood, all Tess wanted was to be surrounded by horses.

That wish became a reality when she bought her home, Hill Farm, in Buckinghamshire. Today, Tess competes for Great Britain at prestigious CSI2* events with her trusty partners, E. Harley, Atlantis PP Z, and Unique. SUCCEED plays a key role in keeping her horses happy and healthy throughout competition season.

Early Years in the Saddle

British Showjumper Tess Carmichael

“I’ve loved horses for as long as I can remember,” Tess says, but “neither of my parents are horsey at all so it took a lot of persuading to let me start riding. I’m very lucky now that they’ve caught the bug as well and are my biggest supporters!”

Tess was persistent about getting into the saddle, despite growing up in a household with “non-horsey” parents. She started riding at a young age and schooled in multiple disciplines —including dressage, eventing and showjumping—but it was jumping that won her heart.

At just 12 years old, Tess earned her first showjumping trophy and was hooked. She was captivated by the sport’s ability to test the partnership between horse and rider. “There has to be a huge amount of trust between the two, and developing this bond is what I enjoy most,” Tess says.

Making Her Dreams a Reality

As a young adult, Tess never outgrew her love of horses. She completed a degree in Business Management and started working at a banking headquarters in London, but continued to ride and compete on the weekends. After keeping this schedule for some time, riding twice a week just wasn’t enough to satisfy her love for horses.

Tess realized she could no longer sideline her passion. She wanted to see horses outside her window every day and have her own farm to call home.

Once the thought blossomed, Tess couldn’t deviate from the dream. When the right stable to purchase came along, Tess presented a strategic business plan to her parents and persuaded them to invest. They agreed, with one pending condition.

“My parents made a deal: two and a half more years at the bank and then I could leave to run the yard full-time,” Tess shared. “I left two and a half years to the day. I wasn’t wasting any time starting my dream!”

Life on the Farm and Road

Tess now lives what she calls her “best life” at Hill Farm. She trains and develops horses to reach their full potential, all while maintaining a successful competition schedule.

Most of her horses were bought as youngsters, and she also has one homebred in the string that she has brought along from day one.

Tess and her team of showjumpers tour all over Europe, competing at international shows and CSI2* classes on the Longines Global Champions Tour. Her competition stops include major cities all across Europe: Rome, London, Paris, Monaco and Vienna, to name a few.

With 18 wins to her name, Tess continually guides her horses to success. In 2017, she won the Royal Windsor Amateur Grand Prix, a particularly special moment shared with friends and family at her home show. Tess has also enjoyed a much-deserved win at Monaco in the 2018 season on the Longines Global Champions Tour as well as two second places in Madrid.

Tess Carmichael - Madrid

Introducing SUCCEED to Her Horses

Life on the road is rewarding for Tess, but it has its challenges. Competition horses face a demanding schedule that’s very different from their natural way of life, which is why Tess prioritizes time out of the stable and moving around regularly.

It’s really important to me that my horses get regular access to forage and hard feed. Each horse is completely treated as an individual and has a feed program tailored to their personal needs.

Tess and horse with Succeed

When one of Tess’s horses started struggling with hind gut issues and bloating, she noticed immediately and contacted her vet.

“My vet recommended that I try SUCCEED to help with my horse’s digestion. It made a big difference right away,” Tess says. “I realized that SUCCEED could help my other competition horses, as well.”

With the introduction of SUCCEED into her feeding program, Tess sees visible differences in all of her horses.

Atlantis is significantly more comfortable and happier to be ridden, with his digestive health in check, while Unique and E. Harley maintain their conditioning throughout the entire competition season.

I think for horses to jump and perform their best, they need to feel their best. SUCCEED helps maintain overall digestive health, even when traveling and competing.

Why Tess Recommends SUCCEED

Results speak volumes. Since Tess started all of her competition horses on SUCCEED, she’s seen noticeable differences in her horses’ overall digestive health, conditioning and happiness.

I recommend SUCCEED regularly because it’s a product that I genuinely trust. I’ve had such great results from using it that I never think twice about encouraging other people to use it as well. SUCCEED works.

What’s Next for Tess

Keep a lookout for Tess Carmichael on the show jumping circuit. Tess is determined to build upon her current successes and rank up in future competitions.

“I genuinely love spending time with my horses and want to become the best horsewoman possible; someone who understands these incredible animals and builds lasting partnerships with them.”

You can follow Tess and her horses on SUCCEED Equine and Facebook.

Have you found Tess’ story compelling and want to consider trying SUCCEED with your horses? Talk to your veterinarian today. SUCCEED is available through vets and at retail in the U.S. and Canada, and through vets in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil.

Tess Carmichael

"I recommend SUCCEED regularly because it’s a product that I genuinely trust. I’ve had such great results from using it that I never think twice about encouraging other people to use it as well."


18 wins to her name
2017 Royal Windsor Amateur Grand Prix winner
2018 Longines Global Champions Tour winner in Monaco


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