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April 15, 2011

My Mare Was Always Talented, But Now She’s Willing and Eager to Please

Thank you to UK owner and rider Karen Jackson for sending in her story of success with her Hanoverian mare Coco. After putting Coco on SUCCEED®, Karen saw improvements across the board in the mare’s health, fitness, performance ability, and attitude. Enjoy Karen’s retelling of Coco’s story and join us in celebrating with them.

I bought Coco as a rising 5 year old. She was very green, having been started, and then turned away for five months, after achieving Elite Candidate status at the Hanoverian mare performance test and grading.

Whilst clearly a very talented horse with an affectionate side to her, she also had a reputation for being difficult, and the grooms were fearful of her.

Talented Horse with Behavior and Health Issues

Over the last few years, with careful management of her diet and handling, she has become relatively straightforward and, at times, pleasurable to deal with.

Struggles with Ground Manners and Willingness

There were times where Coco could be grouchy, irritable, and a little unpredictable to handle on the ground. Under saddle, she was never the most forward horse, and she could be resentful of the leg aids at times.

She wasn’t as willing as you would have wished for – but what she lacked in will she made up for in talent.

Signs of Potential Equine Digestive Concerns

I started to become suspicious that Coco may have digestive issues. There was nothing obvious, just a host of little things that, combined, suggested this. They tend to coincide with the periods when she has been on a high-grain diet or at times of rigor.

Her symptoms included chewing the field fencing, yawning a lot, reduced appetite, and general grumpiness and irritation for no apparent reason. Plus, she was not very forward under saddle, and seemed reluctant to bend through the ribs.

Taking a Natural, Supplemental Approach to Improving Horse Behavior and Health

During this period Coco was also on strong antibiotics and Bute to treat an abscess that developed from a bad kick. I was concerned.

That is when a good friend told me about this “miracle” digestive conditioning product called SUCCEED®. I decided to give it a try as it sounded convincing and poor Coco’ s digestive system desperately needed some help to get her digestive system back on track. The fact that it is nutrient based and was designed to be fed as an everyday supporting supplement made me feel confident that I was not about to bombard her already drug-fatigued system with more pharmaceuticals.

Coco’s Talent Shines Through with Improvements in Overall Wellness

I have been using SUCCEED® for two months and the improvement in my horse has been unbelievable.

Glowing With Health

After about a week on SUCCEED® I started to notice the difference. Visually, her nose is clear and her eyes clearer and brighter than they have ever been. I have always had comments about how shiny her coat is, but now it is even shinier, which I didn’t think was possible. In general, she looks soft and relaxed through her body. Her Massage Therapist has noticed a difference in her muscle tone too, all the little areas of tightness have gone and her muscles feel great.

Relaxed Demeanor

The one thing that has really stood out for me is the change in her demeanor. She now has this air of alert calmness about her – a real presence. She is also less grumpy towards other horses in the field.
I have just moved her to a new yard and everyone has commented on how relaxed and settled she has been with the move.

Willingness and Ability Under Saddle

Under saddle, I have a different horse. She offers her back to me in the sitting trot, which allows me to ride her more off my seat. She is much more forward going, and the biggest difference is how easy she is to move laterally and bend through the ribs.

I always knew Coco was talented, but now she is talented and willing and eager to please.

I feel like I have found the Holy Grail and I want to share it with everyone.

Thank you SUCCEED®.



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