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May 11, 2012

What Goes In Pt. 5: The Synergy of SUCCEED’s Ingredients

With just a box label to go on, it can be very difficult to learn just what’s in your horse’s supplements and why it makes a difference. In our What Goes In SUCCEED series, we explained how equine supplements are regulated and how that affects our label, the benefits of Oat Flour in SUCCEED, the benefits of Oat Oil in SUCCEED, and the benefits of the Irradiated Yeast in SUCCEED. In this final part, we put all of the ingredients together and explore the activity and natural processing that makes SUCCEED what it is. If you’ve been following along with this series, you probably understand SUCCEED’s ingredients a lot better. You now know that our oat oil is rich in polar lipids, our oat flour has a high content of beta glucan, and that our yeast actually contains two extracts of yeast, all of which provide countless benefits for your horse and promote good digestive health.

But what does good digestive equine health really mean?

For SUCCEED, digestive health means providing support for ongoing good health and wellness. Most supplements don’t address digestive structure and function at their root. We realized that we had to create a supplement that targeted all aspects of the GI tract including the colon, hindgut, and stomach.

SUCCEED Ingredients Target the Entire Digestive Tract

SUCCEED provides good digestive health through a combination of ingredients, each of which addresses different aspects of supporting the horse’s GI tract structure and function. Each ingredient targets a specific area and they all work together to complete a total digestive health solution: Polar Lipids found in the oat oil actually increase the bioavailability of the other ingredients in SUCCEED. Without the polar lipids, our serving size would have to be much greater than it is now. A major reason why your horse will see such a big impact from such a small portion of SUCCEED is primarily due to the polar lipids that help your horse get the most benefit from each ingredient. Beta Glucan, in our oat flour provides natural support of the immune system, which helps your horse stay in top health even during the challenges of show season or in the midst of a rigorous training schedule. Beta Glucan also supports the production of mucosal tissue, slows down the rate of feed movement through the GI tract, which allows simple carbohydrates (and other nutrients) to be digested in the small intestine, where they should be, and moderates the release of sugars. MOS (Mannan Oligosaccharide) in our irradiated dried yeast ingredient help to maintain a healthy hindgut. MOS in the yeast works with the other ingredients in the product to provide a strong immune system, balance the microbial environment in the hindgut, and support the health and natural replenishment of GI tract tissue. L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in humans as well as horses. While L-Glutamine is considered a nonessential amino acid, SUCCEED helps replenish L-Glutamine levels that may be depleted when the digestive tract has been distressed. L-Glutamine works with the other ingredients to support immune health and mucosal tissue while providing fuel for muscles (including the muscle lining the intestines that helps move food along during digestion). L-Threonine is an essential amino acid and assists in metabolism and nutrient absorption. Without L-Threonine, the regeneration of the gut wall slows down and the production of mucus is depressed. L-Threonine is especially useful for wound healing and treating stress and works with each ingredient to rebuild tissue, boost the immune system, and produce mucus.

The SUCCEED Difference

Each ingredient in SUCCEED has been carefully selected for their individual benefits as well as their natural ability to work together. Each one layers on top of the other to ensure complete digestive health for your horse. Our patented processes that help ensure the maximum of nutrients are retained in our ingredients has allowed us to provide your horse with a small serving size that brings a huge impact. The SUCCEED mission is to keep your horse healthy on the inside so it can consistently perform at its best on the outside, and that all starts with the right ingredients. If you have more questions about the development of SUCCEED or the ingredients used, please contact us or visit our ingredients page. Subscribe to the SUCCEED blog to receive updates, news, and important information.



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