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August 4, 2021

SUCCEED for Long-Term GI Support

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program supports your horse’s entire gastrointestinal system, especially the often ignored hindgut. Your horse’s hindgut represents 85% of its gastrointestinal system. That makes the hindgut a critical part of the horse’s overall health and wellness. Equine GI systems are delicate and complex, and they are easily disrupted by sudden changes, common husbandry practices, the demands of travel, training and competition, and more.

SUCCEED is designed to be used long-term–once a day, every day–in order to maintain a horse’s good digestive health. While many people see results in the first few weeks, SUCCEED needs to be used continuously in order for your horse to reap the full roster of benefits—and to continue to maintain them. And unlike pharmaceuticals, SUCCEED is safe for long-term use, much like vitamins for people.

How SUCCEED works for GI Support

SUCCEED is a blend of key ingredients formulated to support the entire digestive tract. The nutrients in SUCCEED help maintain a normal, healthy digestive structure and function so your horse can look and feel its best.

Nutrients in SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program include:

  • Oat Oil – Oat oil is extracted through a unique process to retain a high concentration of polar lipids, specialized fat molecules that provide a variety of benefits in the gut.
  • Oat Flour – From a higher-bran, lower-starch oat, processed to retain a high concentration of beta glucan which aids nutrient absorption and helps to moderate the rate of digestion.
  • Yeast Ingredients – Yeast includes a beta glucan and a mannan oligosaccharide from yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, rich in nucleotides necessary for cell development as well as healing.
  • L-Glutamine – Replenishes the natural supply of L-glutamine which can be depleted by intense exercise and other challenges and also provides fuel for the horse’s muscles.
  • L-Threonine – Supports production of mucin, a necessary component of the mucus that lubricates and protects the gut lining.

When the horse’s gastrointestinal system is out of balance, or lacking in key nutrients, the horse may not be able to properly absorb all of the nutrients from its grain, and may have imbalances in pH and biome of their gastrointestinal systems. This can lead to a variety of unfavorable conditions and issues (Durham, 2009).

Keeping the horse’s GI system carefully balanced is a key to success. No matter what kind of challenges your horse faces—from stalling, travel, training and competition, breeding, foaling, and weaning—SUCCEED complements your management to keep your horse happy and healthy from the inside out.

Choose Long-Term Support over a Quick Fix

Horses looking out over stable doors

In a world full of quick fixes that result in short-term gain and long-term pain, SUCCEED aims to provide quality, long-term support for your horse’s gastrointestinal system. We recommend you feed SUCCEED for at least 90 days to ensure you see the full benefit of the nutritional support for your horse.

Then, SUCCEED should be used beyond those initial 90 days to continue to provide ongoing digestive support. People often ask if they can stop using SUCCEED after 60 or 90 days. In short, you can…so long as the horse is living a natural horse lifestyle, living in a herd and grazing 18 hours each day. But so long as the horse continues to live in a stall, with limited turnout, isolated from other horses, fed intermittently on a diet rich in grains, in active training and competition, then your horse continues to face challenges to digestive health. Under those circumstances, SUCCEED once a day, every day, is your best solution to support ongoing digestive health.

And SUCCEED is safe for everyday use long-term, while many pharmaceuticals that address the equine gut are not.

Signs Your Horse Can Benefit from SUCCEED

The challenge of managing the modern horse means your horse may benefit from SUCCEED. In particular, SUCCEED is excellent for horses who have a high-grain diet, intermittent feeding schedules, stalling, travel, training, and competition, all of which challenge a horse’s delicate digestive tract.

SUCCEED is an excellent choice for:

  • a performance horse showing inconsistent or concerning behavior on the road
  • a horse who has smaller or reduced turnout which can have a detrimental effect on horse health
  • a horse who is stalled for a portion of the day
  • a horse who is traveling often for breeding or showing or even trail riding
  • a horse being ridden regularly or in active training
  • a horse being fed in just a couple large meals a day without free access to hay or grazing

Many horses in the modern era are challenged by the lack of large, healthy, nutritional pasture and a high-stress life. SUCCEED helps support your management efforts to ensure your horse attains the optimal health, starting with the gastrointestinal system.

Many horses, regardless of whether or not they’re showing in heavy competition or not, experience challenges to their health from turnout schedules and smaller paddocks, to stalling, to traveling, to diets high in grain, to intermittent feeding schedules and more. That is part of modern horse life. And while there are many management techniques to mitigate the effects on your horse’s health, SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is another tool for horse owners looking to optimize their horse’s gastrointestinal health and support their horse’s gut for long-term success.

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is a serious program for serious horse people—in and out of the show ring.

Ready to get serious about your horse’s gi tract health?

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