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Connect Your Veterinarian

As your trusted partner and the person most familiar with your horse’s individual needs, it’s important to have your veterinarian’s input on how you manage your horses. We want to make it easy for you and your practitioner to access the information you need about SUCCEED products to make the right decisions for your horse’s care.

Start the Conversation About SUCCEED

By providing your veterinarian’s information below, you can start the conversation about SUCCEED.

We’ll send your veterinary practitioner a short email with product information, trial data and research.

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Is SUCCEED right for you?

Find out if your horse’s health and performance could benefit from added digestive support.

*Colics Not Eligible for Payment

  • Any reproductive organ related colic
  • Renal or pleural related colic
  • Strangulations resulting from masses (e.g. lipomas, neoplasia)
  • Peritonitis arising from non-GI tract sources
  • Mesenteric rents
  • Colics caused by dehydration, improper care or neglect
  • Colics arising from foreign bodies (e.g. enteroliths and sand colic)
  • Colics that are attributed to parasitic infections

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