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SUCCEED for Breakaway Roping Horses

Achieve faster breakaway runs with strong digestive health.

Breakaway horses don’t need to be fast all the way down the pen. They just need to give 100 yards of pure explosive speed right out of the box, with a big stop, to win. Just like a great run starts with a quiet, focused horse in the box, a great breakaway horse starts on the inside with a healthy, comfortable gut.

A breakaway horse with a healthy digestive system is more likely to:

  • Clean up its feed, even on the road for weeks or months at a time
  • Get the full nutrition available in its feed for weight, body condition, and energy
  • Not be held back by common stomach and hindgut problems
  • Be strong, confident, and focused for every run

Manage your breakaway horse’s digestive health with SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program, a once-daily supplement with natural ingredients to support good health and function of the entire equine digestive tract.

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When Split Seconds Count, Choose SUCCEED

So much attention is given to the joints of breakaway horses, but digestion takes an equally hard hit due to the stress these horses undergo. The reality is, digestive health issues can’t be ignored. As the GI tract suffers, so too will your horse’s ability to function at its best—especially when required to run as fast as possible right out of the box.

Did you know that some of the most common performance, behavior and condition issues you see in your horse are related to the digestive tract?

If you want to see your horse at peak performance, you need to approach equine health and wellness holistically and treat your horse from the inside out. Optimal digestive health means quality body condition and appearance, enhanced temperament, productive training and better overall wellbeing. Do right by your horse, and choose SUCCEED.

Serious Horse People Use SUCCEED for the Best Runs Yet

Michelle Alley

Breakaway Roper

“I have seen the big difference SUCCEED makes in picky eaters, changing them into aggressive eaters. They clean up all their feed and stay eating no matter if they’re at home in training, stalling at futurities and shows, or hauling hours and hours on the rodeo road. They keep their weight on, even during strenuous schedules. Horses who’ve gotten loose stools when hauled stayed regular on SUCCEED. Hard keepers turn into horses with no problem keeping weight on, even while in heavy training.”

Michelle Alley
Emma Charleston

Emma Charleston

Breakaway Roper

“I initially started using it on my good horse, Makana. When I saw the difference it made in her, I began to implement it even for my younger horses. My horses stay calmer while hauling as well as in the alley before a run. I have noticed that my horses stay fuller, clean up their feed, stay more relaxed and have a healthy hair coat. When my horses feel good, they eat well. While traveling the elements are ever changing, but you can always count on SUCCEED to be the same.”

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