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SUCCEED® allows your barrel horse to perform at its best with complete digestive health.

You ask your barrel horse to be confident, strong, and fast, able to sprint at speeds upwards of 50 miles an hour then stopping to turn a barrel. It takes extreme athleticism—plus the ability to manage the stress of constant hauling and chaotic rodeo environments for your horses to succeed. And that all starts inside with good digestive health management.

A barrel horse in excellent digestive health can run its best in every race because it will…

  • Be comfortable and healthy in its gut.
  • Eat better and maintain weight.
  • Be relaxed living on the road and in high-stress rodeo environments.
  • Maintain focus in the alley.
  • Stay strong and correct on the pattern.

With proper care, feeding and training, plus SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program once a day, every day, you can help your horses achieve the health they need for a great partnership and confident, winning runs.

Take the Challenge.

Take the SUCCEED Challenge to try it risk-free for 60 days. You will receive:

  • Discounts on one 60-day supply of SUCCEED
  • A free 10-syringe paste starter kit
  • Free shipping to your home or barn
  • Personalized support
Money-back guarantee
on a discounted 60-day supply of SUCCEED

SUCCEED Proudly Supports Barrel Racing

We are proud to sponsor these 2022 barrel racing events:

Serious Horse People Use SUCCEED

Sissy Winn

Sissy Winn

Professional Barrel Racer

“I know when my horse’s guts are unhappy, and if their guts aren’t right, we can’t be successful. When my horses are on SUCCEED, they’re eating better, drinking better, and their overall health is better. This product has changed my horses’ lives for the better. And a happier horse is a winning horse.”

Ryann Pedone

Professional Barrel Racer

“SUCCEED is a great product that is effective and affordable. I am all about a product that my horses look forward to taking, helps them dapple out and look healthier, and it’s easy on the pocketbook! It’s simply an amazing product, and all my horses look great on it.”
Ryann Pedone
Cheyenne Wimberly

Cheyenne Wimberly

Professional Barrel Racer

“You don’t have any sure way to manage the hindgut unless you feed SUCCEED. Even if you can’t see it, your horse probably has some type of hindgut issues. It’s worth it to try SUCCEED at any time. You’re getting 100 percent of your money, and you know it’s working. You have to try the product to see the difference.”

Give us 60 days. We’ll give you a better horse. Guaranteed.

Ready to see for yourself? Take the SUCCEED Challenge today.

We’ll send you a 60 day supply PLUS a FREE 10-Pack Starter Kit ($44.95 value). Follow the program guidelines. If you don’t see a better horse at the end of 60 days, we’ll give you your money back.

Dare to SUCCEED®? Take the Challenge… See results or your money back.

With the Challenge, you can test the waters to see if SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program
is right for your horse. Try it risk-free.