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SUCCEED® Risk-Free Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Freedom Health offers Customers the opportunity to try SUCCEED Veterinary Formula (VF) on one horse with a money-back guarantee.

SUCCEED Auto-Ship Delivery

Anyone who attends a SUCCEED Virtual Barn Meeting is welcome to purchase SUCCEED Veterinary Formula on a monthly subscription. This entails monthly auto-ship delivery of the product at a promotional monthly price charged to the Customer’s valid credit card with each shipment.

A monthly supply for one horse consists of one carton of SUCCEED Veterinary Formula oral paste, containing 30 oral syringes. Please allow up to 10 business days for processing of your initial order.

Customers may order any number of monthly subscriptions and may modify or cancel the service at any time. Upon cancellation, Customer is responsible for any charges for product that has already shipped.

Risk-Free Guarantee Offering

One monthly SUCCEED VF subscription per Customer is eligible for the SUCCEED Risk-Free Guarantee.
This includes the following two benefits:

  1. The Customer will receive, with their initial monthly shipment, a free 10-syringe starter pack of SUCCEED VF; and
  2. The Customer will receive a full refund of the initial 60 days of the service (the first two monthly charges) if they cancel their subscription within the first 90 days.


If Customer cancels his or her subscription before the third shipment (which likely will ship on or around day 50), they will have no further obligation. However, Customer is responsible for credit card charges for any product that has already shipped by the time the Customer cancels, and those charges will not be eligible for refund. Customer is not required to provide a reason for cancellation and does not need to return anything.

Cancellation Process

To cancel anytime, send an email to with the subject line “VF Cancellation.” Provide the following information in the body of the email:

  • I wish to cancel my SUCCEED VF subscription, as follows:
  • (Full name on the subscription)
  • (Name of veterinarian)
  • (Name of horse)
  • (Phone number)


The date of the email will represent the official date of cancellation for purposes of the Risk-Free Guarantee. If you do not have access to email, Customers may call 1-866-270-7939. Note, however, that the subscription may only be cancelled by phone upon verbal authorization with a customer service representative. (That is, orders may not be cancelled by leaving a message.)

Refunds of the first two charges (representing the first two months of the subscription) are provided only for cancellation of the initial subscription order (based on the name of the horse), and only if cancelled on or before day 90 following the original order. Refunds will be paid via check, made out to the person who placed the order, and mailed to the mailing address provided for the order unless a different address is provided.

Returns and Exchanges

Freedom Health LLC accepts product returns for exchange for the following reasons:

  • Product damage during shipping, if identified and reported within 7 days after receipt of product.
  • Incorrect item (e.g., product received does not match what was ordered), if identified and reported within 7 days after receipt of product.
  • Flawed or contaminated product, if found and reported within 7 days of receipt.
  • Product that is within 60 days prior to its expiration date (i.e., “best by” date) upon receipt.
  • Product that contains a temperature tag that is completely black upon receipt, if reported within 7 days of receipt.


In all of these cases, Freedom Health will pay for shipping costs associated with returning the product.

All requests for credit or exchange must be accompanied by a return of the product. To initiate a return, Customer must request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) by sending an email to any time with the subject line “VF Return Request,” or calling 1-800-281-6727, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time. Request for return authorization must include the following information:

  • Original Freedom Health order number
  • Specific item(s) (including Freedom Health item number) and quantity being returned
  • Explicit reason for return
  • Accurate Customer name, telephone number, and email address


If a representative is unavailable when you call, leave a detailed voicemail message with a phone number, and your call will be returned.

Customer may not return products to Freedom Health without an RMA. Once an RMA is provided, Freedom Health will initiate shipment of replacement product. If returned product is not received by Freedom Health before the next monthly shipment, Freedom Health reserves the right to charge the Customer’s credit card for the product.

Product Handling and Storage

At Freedom Health, we strive to ensure consistency and quality in our products. As such, some basic guidelines for the proper handling and storage of the product can help ensure that the physical appearance and properties of SUCCEED VF are at their best.

Please be aware of the following notes and guidelines:

  • STORAGE: SUCCEED should be stored in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight. Store SUCCEED VF oral paste at temperatures below 100° F (38° C). The product may be safely kept refrigerated when not in use.
  • CONSISTENCY: The ingredients in SUCCEED VF are natural. As a result, some variation in color and consistency may be visible. Manufacturers of supplements often add fillers to their products, which can minimize the variation that naturally occurs. Freedom Health uses no such fillers. Slight variations in color or consistency have no bearing on product effectiveness or utility.
  • MOISTURE AND RANCIDITY: SUCCEED VF contains minimal moisture, and no water is added to the product. By avoiding moisture in the formulation, and thanks to the nature of the oat oil in SUCCEED VF, rancidity is very unlikely. In regular lab testing for rancidity, SUCCEED passes 100% of the time.
  • ODOR: Upon opening the SUCCEED VF container lid, you may notice the scent of oat combined with an alcohol odor. The alcohol scent results from the alcohol used in the production of the raw materials, and it is harmless. It usually blows off after a short time.
  • TESTING: A sample from every lot of SUCCEED is held for testing and long term evaluation (i.e., “shelf life” testing) to 2x the recommended use date (i.e., “best if used by” date). Product quality is consistently maintained over this period of time.

Temperature Tags

Every SUCCEED VF item is labeled with yellow temperature tags. These tags, which display a circular “target” design, are sensitive to temperature.

The temperature indicator is intended to provide you with information about how the product was handled before it got to you. When the indicator turns black, that means at some point it faced excessive temperature. That, in turn, means the product COULD be affected by those higher temps. But, the effect of high temperature is not one of efficacy or safety. Rather, high temperature might cause the oils to separate from the solid ingredients, as described above. This in turn can cause the paste to be difficult to expel from the tube, or may just be unsightly.

As a result, if you receive product with a black temperature tag, try one or two syringes from the carton, and see if you have issues with it. If you do, then you know the excessive temperature was a likely culprit and you are best served by requesting an exchange. If the product appears fine and expels properly from the syringe, then there should be no issue with it.

If you have questions about SUCCEED products, including how to properly handle and store them, call 1-866-270-7939. You can also email Freedom Health at

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