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#SeriousHorsePeople use SUCCEED

A once-a-day, every-day nutritional program for total digestive health in horses.

Ryann Pedone

Professional Barrel Racer. Top futurity and derby horse trainer. Powered by SUCCEED.

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2022 WPRA Corporate Partner of the Year

Leah Mitchell

DVM, Vice President of Veterinary Medicine for Freedom Health and Owner of Mitchell Veterinary

Recommended by vets.

“SUCCEED is not a one-time fix. It’s a program that supports the ongoing health and balance of the entire digestive system in horses. More importantly, it’s the only product of its kind that can actually reach and target the hindgut.”

Leah Mitchell

DVM, Vice President of Veterinary Medicine for Freedom Health and Owner of Mitchell Veterinary

Supported by science.

SUCCEED products are backed by years of research, science, multiple patents, and our commitment to you and your horses.

SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program

A patented formula that supports healthy digestive tract function and performance in horses.
  • Helps maintain the health of the entire digestive tract, especially the hindgut
  • Address root causes of gut problems while supporting overall health and wellness for the horse long-term
  • A simple, daily nutritional program that fits readily into your regimen

SUCCEED® Veterinary Formula

Provides advanced support for the health of the entire equine GI tract using a natural, nutritional approach.
  • Sold exclusively through veterinarians
  • Builds on the original SUCCEED formula with added ingredients to further support the total digestive system
  • Backed by the Healthy Gut Commitment colic reimbursement program
Caroline Martin

Endorsed by top competitors.

“After losing a horse to digestive complications, my vet recommended I add SUCCEED to my program. I saw undeniable results and quickly put every horse on it. My horses looked physically better, acted better, and competed better. Anything I can do to make my horses feel better, I will do. A happy gut makes a happy horse.”

Caroline Pamukcu

CCI5* Eventer, US Nation’s Cup Team rider, Junior Olympics gold medalist, sales horse developer

HSH Connor

2022 USEA Preliminary 6-Year-Old of the Year

See your horses at their best.

Do you have problems with your horse that training isn't solving? Behavior and performance issues can be related to digestion. Good digestive tract health with SUCCEED can support your horses' happy, healthy, and long careers.


The gut must be healthy and balanced for horses to be comfortable and fueled to perform.

Focus & Attitude

A healthy, comfortable horse with a balanced microbiota can be a focused, willing partner.


Better gi tract health can transform how a horse handles itself in a stall, hauling, on the ground, and under saddle.

Stomach & Hindgut Health

Keep your horses free from the most common problems affecting a horse’s GI health. Stop the cycle.

Weight & Condition

Maintain a healthy appetite, good nutrition, proper weight and muscle, and quick recovery.

Immunity & Resilience

Gut health impacts strong immunity as well as the horse’s ability to handle travel and performance stress well.

Throughout the equine world.


Rachel Primm,
Breeder and Barrel Racer

“My favorite thing about SUCCEED is how it helps the colts absorb their nutrients. They are all big, healthy babies.”


Mark & Barbara Dreeling,
Coole House Farm Ireland

“We have been using SUCCEED during the yearlings’ preparation for the last two years.”


Sissy Winn,
Pro Rodeo Barrel Racer

“If my horse’s gut is not right, we can’t be successful. SUCCEED helps my horses’ guts stay calm.”

Jane Chapple Hyam


Jane Chapple-Hyam
Horse Trainer

“SUCCEED is a fantastic product that has helped my horses maintain condition throughout the season. The results speak for themselves.”


Tom Foran & Daphne Thompson,
Foran Performance Horses

“We’re big believers in SUCCEED. We need our athletes to be at the top of their game.”

All Hauling & Performance

Taylor Sheridan,
Creator of Yellowstone

“I use SUCCEED on every horse I own and every horse we use on Yellowstone.”

Debra Stevens



“SUCCEED has been a true lifesaver for our traumatized young elephants, ensuring rapid recovery and successful herd integration. True success!”

Your first 75 days on SUCCEED.

Setting a horse’s GI tract health right takes time, but most people see a difference within the first 60 days of feeding SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program. Note that Results look different for every horse and situation.

Weeks 1-2
  • Hearty appetite
  • Willing and agreeable attitude
  • Happier and more engaged
  • More relaxed
  • Healthy manure
Weeks 3-4
  • Healthier haircoat
  • Better bending and collection
  • Improved work ethic
  • Less resistance in training
Weeks 5-6
  • Healthier weight
  • Balanced topline
Weeks 7-8
  • Healthier hoof
  • Good body condition
  • Faster recovery rate
  • More stamina/ endurance
And Beyond...
  • Continual progress in health and performance

Take the Challenge.

Take the SUCCEED Challenge to try it risk-free for 75 days. You will receive:

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  • A free 10-syringe paste starter kit
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  • Personalized support
Money-back guarantee
on a discounted 75-day supply of SUCCEED

Is SUCCEED right for you?

Find out if your horse’s health and performance could benefit from added digestive support.

Dare to SUCCEED®? Take the Challenge… See results or your money back.

With the Challenge, you can test the waters to see if SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program
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