SUCCEED Veterinary Formula

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Advanced SUCCEED formula available exclusively through veterinarians.

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program

Champion Halter Horse, photo by KC Montgomery

Provides natural support for digestive health, immunity, and the entire equine GI tract.

SUCCEED Supports Equine Veterinarians

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Product research and other detailed technical information available only to veterinarians can be found in the SUCCEED Veterinary Center.

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Success Stories

Dr. David Platt

Dr David Platt


Equine Veterinarian

Essex, UK

"As a busy equine veterinarian I have become increasingly aware of a link between hindgut health and behavioral issues and poor performance in competition horses. SUCCEED equine nutritional supplement is an excellent product that I now routinely feed as part of my management of all horses requiring hindgut support due to loss of condition, poor performance, or developing behavioural issues when ridden."

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SUCCEED Supports People Serious About Their Horses

Success Stories

Succeed testimonials

Liz Sharp


"Since putting my 21-year-old thoroughbred on SUCCEED® his condition has improved fantastically. His coat looks beautiful and he's gained muscle tone and weight. At competitions he now feels like a different horse; more relaxed, concentrating on his work with a "look at me, I'm very special" attitude. I've been delighted by how SUCCEED has helped him and thoroughly recommend it."


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