Get The Best Ride From Your Horse With SUCCEED®

You’ve spent the winter polishing your horse’s lope, or sliding stops, or lead changes in preparation for the 2013 show season. But earning points in the show pen takes more than just hours spent under saddle – it takes a horse who is totally healthy from ears to tail. And that kind of wellness begins in the digestive tract.It takes optimal health to achieve optimal appearance, temperament and performance in your horse. That’s easier to achieve than you may think…with SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program®.

SUCCEED is a daily natural nutrient program that delivers total digestive health. This specially-formulated supplement promotes all aspects of a healthy digestive system in horses – especially when the conditions necessary for care and competition disrupt its delicate balance. And that means better all around health and wellness, which is essential when every step counts:

Horse and Rider

Helps avoid serious health conditions

SUCCEED supports total digestive health in horse for improved overall gut function.

Helps improve nutrient absorption

SUCCEED helps horses digest nutrients and get more energy from feed and other supplements for healthy appetite and weight. Learn more about the benefits of SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program®.

Ready to try for yourself?

succeed challenge
Taking the Challenge is simple. Use your credit card to purchase the 60-day program, and we’ll ship direct to your home, farm, or boarding stable. We’ll send you a 60 day supply plus a FREE 10-Pack Starter Kit ($39.95 value). If you aren’t happy with the results after 60 days, we’ll give your money back – no questions asked.

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