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SUCCEED® Veterinary Formula Now Means You Do Less, Everyone Gets More

Order from your preferred distributor, and let Freedom Health drop-ship directly to your client’s location at no extra cost to you.

SUCCEED Veterinary Formula gives you and your clients a number of significant benefits.

Now, with SUCCEED VF-Direct, you also avoid the cost and hassle of stocking and handling the product. Just order SUCCEED Veterinary Formula from the distributor and specify drop-shipping. The distributor will invoice you as usual, and you invoice your clients as usual. But with VF-Direct, Freedom Health will ship the SUCCEED VF product – even individual cartons – directly to your client’s location. We’ll ship to their barn, their home…anywhere in the lower 48 United States.

That means you get more profit for your practice, more good health for your equine patients, and more coverage with the Healthy Gut Commitment, now with less hassle, and less handling cost and labor.

succeed veterinary formula

Give you and your clients the benefits of SUCCEED Veterinary Formula, and make it easy on yourself.

Purchase Through Your Veterinary Supply Distributor

The SUCCEED VF-Direct program is available on purchases through major veterinary supply distributors including:

  • MWI Veterinary Supply
  • Henry Schein Animal Health
  • Midwest Veterinary Supply
  • Patterson Veterinary Supply

Access Full Product Details & Research in the SUCCEED® Veterinary Center

Throughout the past decade, Freedom Health has conducted numerous studies and trials to evaluate SUCCEED products in clinical settings. In addition, we are currently supporting a collection of research studies through the University of Glasgow (Scotland), to provide independent evaluation of the performance and applicability of the SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test and SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program relative to GI tract disease in horses. This information is restricted to veterinarians only, and is available in the SUCCEED Veterinary Center.

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