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Beau Peterson's Success Story

A cowgirl from day one, pro breakaway roper Beau Peterson is no stranger to hard work. The Council Grove, Kansas, superstar spent her childhood helping her parents ranch and run cattle in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Beau was fortunate to have parents who competed in rodeo themselves, which helped give her a strong foundation in the world of rodeo.

Beau has proven to be a natural-born winner from a young age. Combined with her strong work ethic, she is hard to beat. Beau learned the importance of her horses’ digestive health and how to keep them happy and healthy while on the road this summer. Beau turned to SUCCEED to give her horses the extra help they needed, and now she never leaves home without it.

Talented in and Out of the Arena

During her school years, Beau was a stand-out athlete in multiple events. A tough competitor in breakaway, goat tying, and barrel racing, she was a force to be reckoned with in the all-around race. Outside of the arena, Beau excelled in basketball and was an honor-roll student.

Beau was always on the back of a horse, whether helping her dad gather cattle or competing at junior rodeos. She started winning big early on when she claimed the National Junior High School Rodeo Association breakaway national title.

“Winning nationals was my first big win. I was hooked for life after that taste of success!”

Beau dominated every event through high school and college rodeo. By the end of her high school career, she had won two all-around state titles, qualified for nationals in all her events all four years, and claimed multiple event state titles in the Kansas High School Rodeo Association. She also won Kansas Professional Rodeo Association Rookie of the Year.

Beau attended Panhandle State University, where she competed on the rodeo team while earning her bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology. She continued to be an unstoppable force in the college rodeo ranks, winning the goat tying and all-around titles in the Central Plains region. The crown jewel in her collegiate career was taking home the College National Championship in goat tying in 2019. These wins on the collegiate level gave Beau the confidence she needed to buy her WPRA card and try her hand at professional rodeo.

Beau’s Big Break in Professional Rodeo

Buying her professional card seemed like the next step in her career. Unfortunately for Beau, she faced some unexpected roadblocks early in the transition. In March of 2021, Beau tore her ACL and meniscus during a goat tying run that sidelined her for most of her rookie year.

She didn’t let that setback get to her, though, and instead used it to fuel her fire. Beau gained the momentum she needed when the new 2022 season rolled around.

“I didn’t get in any of the winter rodeos for 2022, and I was also in my last semester of college so I didn’t enter much until after graduation in May. My goal was to just set myself up for next year and win enough to get into the winter rodeos.”

When summer of the 2022 season came, nothing could stop Beau from winning. After claiming another big win in Caldwell, Idaho, she realized making the NFR might be possible. Beau had a phenomenal few weeks, making the short round at Ellensburg, and Puyallup, and winning the big one-header in Walla Walla.

“It was a great week. After Walla Walla and Ellensburg, I knew I had a little breathing room and could have fun while I finished out the season.”

Beau knows it’s essential to have people in your corner. Luckily, she has a great support system in her parents and in hauling partners that lift each other up. Staying mentally tough and working through slumps is one of the biggest struggles in rodeo. Beau pushed through, leaning on those around her in the season’s final weeks.

“My hauling partners made this summer experience great. You hit slumps, but then someone else in the truck is winning, and it motivates you to be better. They don’t let you get down. Also, knowing my parents supported me 100 percent and were watching every run so they could tell me how to be better and encourage me helped get me through.”


Beau’s main mount, Missy, did not struggle with obvious digestive challenges. However, at the beginning of summer, she knew she would need extra help to make it on the road and come home healthy.

At the start of summer, I noticed all my hauling partners were using SUCCEED. Their horses were looking, feeling, and working outstanding, so it piqued my interest.

Early in the summer run, Beau realized that her usually unproblematic horse was behaving in ways that weren’t normal for her. Missy wasn’t hauling or drinking well and started to act like she was tying up. She wasn’t her usual easy-going self. After noticing these issues and seeing what SUCCEED had done for her hauling partner’s horses, Beau decided it was time to try SUCCEED for herself.

“Having horses going all summer, you need them feeling their best. As competitive as breakaway is these days, you can’t afford your horse not to feel 100 percent.”

After starting Missy on SUCCEED, Beau quickly saw changes in her. She no longer acted like she was tying up and went back to drinking well even during long hauls.

SUCCEED: Healthy Horses from the Inside Out

Once she saw the difference in Missy, Beau started her other horse, Honcho, on SUCCEED. Unlike Missy, Honcho had a few more problem areas Beau hoped SUCCEED could benefit.

“Honcho is a more nervous horse and has always struggled to have a good topline. I have seen significant changes in how he looks, and he is much calmer. I have to see visible results to believe in a product, and with SUCCEED, you can see the results.”

Honcho’s nerves would cause him to experience loose stools. After a short period on SUCCEED, he is already much calmer and has not had any loose stools since starting his SUCCEED journey.

Beau understands the stress her horses undergo living on the road, and keeping her horses healthy is her primary concern. Beau likes to keep her program simple, but she also likes to keep her horses full, shiny, and looking their best through an entire rodeo season. SUCCEED helps keep simplicity in her program while achieving the results she wants to see in her horses.

I love SUCCEED because it’s a great product for any horse. It’s an easy yes to add to your program. You will see benefits and progress in any horse whether you think they need it or not. It will make all your horses’ digestive health easier to maintain.

Beau Peterson

"I love SUCCEED because it’s a great product for any horse. It’s an easy yes to add to your program. You will see benefits and progress in any horse whether you think they need it or not."

Breakaway Roping

2019 College National Championship winner in goat tying
2022 winner of the big one-header in Walla Walla


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Michelle Alley

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2020, 2021 and 2022 finished top 25 in the world standings

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Ron Ralls

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Lilly Simons

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5th place at the 2015 Young Rider Dressage National Championship

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