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Karen O’Connor

SUCCEED® seems to help the horses metabolize their feed better. Their weights are up, and keeping up. They actually seem to enjoy eating now. We have all of our top International competitive horses on SUCCEED®. […]

Lucinda Green

There is a better way and it’s called SUCCEED. if you are looking for an improved path to gut health and therefore performance, I suggest you try SUCCEED.

Liz Pinkston

SUCCEED® definitely worked for us at the NFR. I was really impressed with how Doc stayed on his feed! His demeanor was great and he wasn’t tired.

Lynn Palm

Many people don’t realize how digestive health can keep your horse, and you, from achieving that moment of perfect harmony. That’s when SUCCEED® really performs its magic. SUCCEED helps maintain your horse’s good digestive health, […]

Nick Zito

I’ve been in the racing industry for thirty years and I guess I’ve been asked to endorse almost every kind of horse-related product at one time or another. I’ve never wanted to recommend anything until […]

Emily Miller, DVM

The challenges of high caloric diets, training schedules and trailering can affect a horse’s natural digestive health, and that can affect performance, attitude, efficient digestion and more. We have found that SUCCEED® provides an effective […]

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