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Ron Burke

We use SUCCEED on many of our top performers, as well as new horses. If they don’t immediately start looking good under our program, we start them on SUCCEED right away. It seems like SUCCEED […]

Cathy Weischhoff

Unbelievable. Not overnight, but little by little. Our program now is good feed, good care and SUCCEED®. Every horse in training should be on SUCCEED®.

Monty Roberts

I’ve dedicated my life to working with horses through a natural, positive approach. That’s what makes SUCCEED® such a special product. It works with a horse’s natural digestive process, so the horse can achieve its […]

Frank M. Andrews, DVM, MS, DACVIM

I have used the SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program® product in clinical settings. I have found this product to be beneficial, particularly for hindgut conditions, and in foals. I would also recommend SUCCEED® as part of […]

Fay Windsor

I first put Sovereign on SUCCEED when he was on stall rest recovering from hock surgery, as I was worried about his digestive health. We started the SUCCEED right away and were relieved to see […]

Leslie and Lesley Law

SUCCEED® is part of our program now, because we want our horses to have every advantage. And SUCCEED® gives them that.

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