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Kimberly Prince

When I started feeding SUCCEED® I saw a remarkable difference within a week…. I’m 100% sold on SUCCEED®. Now, when my grooms or I see great coats or attitudes or performances, we say to each […]

Susan Treabess

We came to use SUCCEED® because of my WEG partner Moneypenny. After going through treatment, we started to concentrate on encouraging overall digestive health with SUCCEED. We saw dramatic results in her rideability and trainability…. […]

Chris King

Our top horse is “The Secret Weapon”. Our vet (GB team vet Liz Brown) suggested we try him on SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program®. SUCCEED® promoted his appetite and his coat, condition and topline improved by […]

Karen Jackson

I have been using SUCCEED® for two months and the improvement in my horse has been unbelievable. The one thing that has really stood out for me is the change in her demeanor. She now […]

Nancy Sue Ryan

With SUCCEED, our show horses are far better and far more responsive to our training. SUCCEED is the cheapest thing I can do to help myself in the show arena. We put new horses on […]

Liz Sharp

Since putting my 21-year-old thoroughbred on SUCCEED® his condition has improved fantastically. His coat looks beautiful and he’s gained muscle tone and weight. At competitions he now feels like a different horse; more relaxed, concentrating […]

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