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Emma Delport

“In all honesty I was skeptical….So I was amazed (and thrilled) when SUCCEED made such a significant difference. Within two weeks of starting Roo on SUCCEED he was accepting my leg again and willing to […]

Lizzie Brown

I use SUCCEED across my team of horses because I believe success starts from the inside out. It is a super product that the horses love and we love using – it is so easy […]

Kim Gentry

I was really impressed…. SUCCEED® has made a big difference for Concerto. SUCCEED® helped him handle the demands of his training be ensuring he’s eating well. I can see the difference.

Ted Robinson

One of the first things we notice when we start horses on SUCCEED® is they love it so much they meet us the door. We always see the biggest difference in our new training horses […]

Jordan Larson

It makes us feel good to proactively support the horses that we know are facing the challenges of intense training and a rigorous show schedule. We feel it is a good way to promote digestive […]

Steffen and Shannon Peters

With SUCCEED® our horses are consistently trainable and relaxed both at home and at shows. This is the best single product we’ve ever used on our horses, by far!

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