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Taylor Sheridan – Writer, Director, Executive Producer, and Creator of Yellowstone

“I use SUCCEED on every horse I own and every horse we use on Yellowstone. From improving body composition to coat to soundness, SUCCEED has noticeably improved the quality of my herd. I don’t know […]

Katy Barr Testimony

“The difference in Cloudy since starting SUCCEED is astounding. His appetite has improved hugely. All grumpy and anxious behaviour has disappeared, he’s no longer girthy, and he now stands quietly while tacked up. Cloudy’s realised […]

Jamie Gornall

“We use SUCCEED on a day-to-day basis as a foundation in the feeding and training regime for all the horses at Gornall. We find good gut health is essential in maintaining the horses’ optimum health […]

Melissa Collins

I am a professional trainer. I received “Goose” for lease for a client of mine in May of 2016. He was super well behaved and seemed eager to learn to jump. In the fall, things […]

Chester Weber

Within three weeks there was a visible difference. You could easily tell which horses were on SUCCEED®, just from their appearance…. My horses regularly travel overseas and compete under extreme conditions. SUCCEED® helps to keep […]

Jennie Brannigan

My horse care philosophy is to combine the highest level of care with a program that makes sense for each horse. I won a free month’s supply of SUCCEED for Cooper back in 2007, and […]

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