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Lead horse for Chester Weber and 2008 USEF Horse of the Year.

For the Love of Thunder

Arabian champion.

Joan Hamilton

SUCCEED® made a huge difference for Harlem Globetrotter. Now he has a bloom to his coat and his eyes are bright, he is filled out and looks like a much younger, happier horse. There’s no […]

Tom and Mary Robertson

SUCCEED® helps our horses get more value from what they eat and helps us keep them on an even keel all the time. We’ve found success with every horse we’ve put on SUCCEED®.

Joe Woodard

Winning any race is a special thing, and making history is incredible. But getting claiming horses to perform like this is tough to do. SUCCEED® really made a difference. I’m not imagining that my horses […]

Teddy O’Connor

Famous three-day eventing pony Teddy O’Connor was named the 2007 USEF Horse of the Year.

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