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Ryann Pedone

I first used SUCCEED on a horse that had stomach issues. I saw a huge difference, and I became a believer. I now use it on nearly all my horses when hauling to a show […]

Michelle Alley

I have seen the big difference SUCCEED makes in picky eaters, changing them into aggressive eaters. They clean up all their feed and stay eating no matter if they’re at home in training, stalling at […]

Jymmy Kay Cox

I started using SUCCEED years ago and used it for years. My horses absolutely loved it! They looked good and they performed well. The truth is I didn’t realize how good it was until I […]

Cheyenne Wimberley

Chewy is a hard horse to handle, but after starting on SUCCEED, I noticed that he was more relaxed when I rode him. I’ve been able to ride him in the pasture and be more […]

Zack Jongbloed

SUCCEED has been a great asset to my horses’ overall health and performance. I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in my horses’ eating habits, demeanor prior to performing, and overall appetite while traveling up and down […]

Sissy Winn

Pro rodeo is very stressful. The road is hard. If the horse is stressed, I’m stressed. I know when their guts are unhappy, and if my horse’s gut is not right, we can’t be successful. […]

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