Where #SeriousHorsePeople come to better understand digestive health in horses and its impact and management.

Jamie Gornall

“We use SUCCEED on a day-to-day basis as a foundation in the feeding and training regime for all the horses at Gornall. We find good gut health is essential in maintaining the horses’ optimum health […]

Melissa Collins

I am a professional trainer. I received “Goose” for lease for a client of mine in May of 2016. He was super well behaved and seemed eager to learn to jump. In the fall, things […]

Chester Weber

Within three weeks there was a visible difference. You could easily tell which horses were on SUCCEED®, just from their appearance…. My horses regularly travel overseas and compete under extreme conditions. SUCCEED® helps to keep […]

Jennie Brannigan

My horse care philosophy is to combine the highest level of care with a program that makes sense for each horse. I won a free month’s supply of SUCCEED for Cooper back in 2007, and […]

Emma Delport

“In all honesty I was skeptical….So I was amazed (and thrilled) when SUCCEED made such a significant difference. Within two weeks of starting Roo on SUCCEED he was accepting my leg again and willing to […]

Lizzie Brown

I use SUCCEED across my team of horses because I believe success starts from the inside out. It is a super product that the horses love and we love using – it is so easy […]

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