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Myth: Withhold Water From a Hot Horse

You’ve just dismounted after a good ride, you and your horse are hot and sweaty and high on feel-good endorphins, and you head back to the stall to untack. Is removing the water bucket one […]

Monday Myth #44: Feed Bran Mash to Keep Your Horse Warm This Winter

When the temperatures fall and your horse starts looking like an icy lawn ornament, it’s tempting to rush out to the barn bearing treats: warm blankets, space heaters and maybe even a hot bran mash. […]

Monday Myth #43: Feed Horses Corn Oil to Prevent Impaction

Corn oil is a popular feed top dressing among many horse owners and managers. It’s inexpensive, readily available, and even the pickiest equine eater will gobble it right up. As far as vegetable oils go, […]

Myth: I Should Try to Fatten My Mare Up Before Spring Breeding

At this time of the year, many animals (and even some humans!) go into hibernation mode until warmer weather reappears. If you have plans to breed your mare in the spring, you might also be […]

Monday Myth #39: “Every Horse is Different” in What May Cause Colic

Leaving a horse without fresh, clean water or overfeeding grain are practices with high risk for causing colic. On this, horse men and women agree. But when it comes to trailering, competing, keeping horses stalled, […]

Myth: Feed a Colicky Horse After It Passes Manure

Nursing a horse through an episode of colic is a harrowing experience that often seems to happen in the middle of the night. Once a horse has been deemed out of danger, it’s tempting to […]

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