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NCHA Non-Pro Rider Inductee Missy Jean Etheridge’s SUCCEED Story

Missy Jean Etheridge

Missy Jean Etheridge and her team at Belle Terre Ranch are dominating the NCHA Non-Pro Rider brackets with strong, healthy horses maintained daily with SUCCEED.

From a young age, Missy Jean was a self-proclaimed “horse-crazy” girl. Her family was not in the business of horses, but that didn’t stop her from finding her calling at a neighbor’s home. Watching, learning, and occasionally riding those horses were enough to get her hooked.

At 16, Missy Jean saved up $1,000 to purchase a dog and by a turn of events, purchased a horse instead. She turned up at home with the horse and kept it in her backyard. Throughout high school and college, she worked multiple jobs to ensure the horse was properly fed and cared for.

Small Beginnings Led to An Incredible Career

The moment Missy Jeane sat on a cutting horse, she was hooked. That was nearly 20 years ago, and today she is a force to be reckoned with.

In 2021, Missy Jean placed 3rd in the NCHA Non-Pro Amateurs. Additionally, her husband, Vicky Lynn Etheridge, placed 28th, and Belle Terre Ranch, where they call home, placed 6th overall. Two of their horses also claimed spots among the top 50, with Deputy Droopy taking #19 and Boondexterous coming in at #31.

Missy Jean isn’t out chasing success, but it is finding her. When asked about her goals and what’s next, she is modest. “I don’t really have a goal. I don’t think of it like that. Would I like to win the futurity? Sure. But there are too many factors in the sport, so I never say I want to do it this way. My goal is to bring each horse to its fullest potential,” says Missy Jean.

Riding and Raising Horses is a Family Affair

Belle Terre Ranch is where Missy Jean and Vicky Lynn Etheridge call home along with their daughter Millie Joe and some other incredible riders and trainers. Their property, a 48-acre piece of land with an additional 100 acres across the road, is where they raise and train their horses. They have a private arena and three different barns.

“Our stalls are large (15×23), so our horses have a really good gig there. When we are on the road, most stalls are 10×10, so I make sure to give them the best care possible and turn them out whenever I can,” says Missy Jean.

SUCCEED is a Major Part of the Care Plan at Belle Terre Ranch

Kathleen Daigles, a talented and sought-after horse communicator, introduced Missy Jean to SUCCEED. Kathleen noticed one of the horse’s stomachs was burning up from the stress and travel demands. She suggested they try SUCCEED products. Within one week, Missy Jean knew it was the answer she needed. Since then, she has used both SUCCEED Veterinary Formula and SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program for the horses at Belle Terre Ranch.

There was an undeniable difference in her horses’ appearance and behavior. Everything about them looked better. It was enough for her to know the product was worth investing in and keeping as a necessary part of their diet.

How Missy Jean Cares for Horses Has Changed with SUCCEED

Nutrition is a top priority for Missy Jean. She likes her horses to “look fat and happy,” so she took on the care and training of her horses herself. While it is a lot of work, it is important to her that they are constantly getting the attention and nutritional care they need.

Before using SUCCEED, Missy Jean used a significant amount of medication to try to manage her horses’ gut health. Today, SUCCEED has shifted her horses’ diets and supplements regimen positively.

I have cut down on prescription medication significantly because of SUCCEED. It is a more natural approach to their gut health.

In addition to SUCCEED, the program at Belle Terre Ranch uses a combination of Blue Bonnet alfalfa cubes, a gastric care feed, additional supplements, and free-choice coastal hay. Her horses are turned out as often as possible and have extensive exercise options, including a covered pen, treadmill, and walker. Anything she can do to give her horses the life they deserve, she makes happen.

SUCCEED Goes Everywhere Missy Jean and Her Horses Go

Missy Jean rides many horses, but “A Star is Born” is her soul horse, and SUCCEED has had such a big impact on her. She had stomach issues earlier in the year, but she overcame them with the addition of SUCCEED to herdaily program. The mare went on to surpass Missy Jean’s goal of $200k in earnings.

If she can reduce the stress that comes with constantly traveling and changing the environment of her horses, Missy Jean is all for it. She knows SUCCEED helps keep their guts healthy, which keeps her horses happy and ready to perform.

Why Missy Jean Recommends SUCCEED

All of the horses Missy Jean raises and rides at Belle Terre Ranch are on SUCCEED. She believes to her core that the product helps her horses maintain their happy, healthy state. In fact, she considers one of her baby foals Grinch wouldn’t be here today without SUCCEED.

Grinch was born just fine here, but the next morning he was thrashing in his stall, and it all went downhill medically. Long story short, he has a weird cell issue. But we got him back home from the numerous vet visits and medical scares. We started turning him out twice a day, giving him SUCCEED twice daily, and a few other supplements. That baby should have died, and ever since he received SUCCEED, I swear it saved his life.

She doesn’t keep the success of SUCCEED on her animals to herself. Everywhere she goes, Missy Jean happily shares her supplements with horse owners she believes could benefit from the product.

Ready to Try SUCCEED with Your Horses?

First-time users can take the SUCCEED Challenge, available only at Try SUCCEED with one horse for 60 days with a money-back guarantee. See results or it’s free.

SUCCEED is available for purchase through veterinarians and at retail in the United States, Canada, and Australia, as well as through veterinarians in the UK and Ireland.

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