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Top Futurity Trainer Ryann Pedone’s SUCCEED Story

Ryann Pedonne barrel racing futurity trainer


A force to be reckoned with over the last decade, Ryann Pedone has left her mark on the futurity barrel racing world. The now Sunset, Texas, cowgirl wasn’t raised in a rodeo or barrel racing family, though. Instead, she grew up on a dairy farm in Florida, a non-traditional start that gave Ryann a different outlook as she worked her way into barrel racing with the horses she loved.

Ryann’s earned her success in the futurity barrel racing world through years of trials, lessons learned, and help from good people along the way. She knows staying at the top requires prioritizing her equine partners’ health, which is why Ryann keeps all her horses on SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program.

A Love for Horses at a Young Age

“I think I was about 3 when I went to my first barrel race on an old ranch horse of my dad’s,” Ryann shares. From this first taste of barrel racing Ryann was hooked. Her parents could see then that barrel racing was more than just a phase for their little girl.

Ryann was fortunate to have many people step in and help her through the years as she developed a stronger love for horses. During these formative years, Ryann bought some colts to try her hand at training. She continued to refine her work by riding with those in the industry with more experience. When Ryann went off to college she made school her top priority. She focused on getting a degree in finance and graduated from the University of South Florida in 2005.

Ryann Pedone Leaving Her Mark in the Barrel Horse Futurity World

After graduating college, Ryann moved to Texas. While she was still training colts on the side, she wasn’t initially interested in pursuing barrel horse training as a career. But when she fell into some tough times, Ryann started focusing her pent-up energy on her horses.

From there, Ryann’s trek to success was a slow and steady process.

“I was not an overnight success. This wasn’t natural for me; I just had a really good work ethic, and I set my mind to it. If I can paint the picture in my mind, I can make it happen. I never think I can’t do something.”

Years later, Ryann had the breakthrough that turned barrel racing into her career. Kiss This Guy, known around the barn as Tyson, was instrumental in this shift. Throughout the spring of 2011, Tyson was solid in the futurities. Then in the fall he completely dominated, placing or winning at nearly every major futurity. This was just the beginning of Ryann’s rise to the top.

A New Adventure

Ryann had become a household name in the barrel racing futurity industry, quickly becoming one of the top trainers of her time. Then, a few years later she decided to try a new adventure: the world of rodeo.

I had never hit the rodeo road before. But at this time I had Feel The Sting, owned by Highpoint Performance Horses. They like the rodeo girls, so we went out and gave it a try.

So Ryann went on the summer rodeo run with Feel The Sting, better known as “Stinger,” and another good horse named Dashed to Jones. “Jason Martin and Charlie Cole at Highpoint did everything for me,” Ryann says. “I saw it as a great business opportunity. A lot of professional horse trainers don’t get that chance, and I wanted to do it with Stinger.”

Ryann had a great first summer rodeoing, which got her into the building rodeos the following year. Her 2020season culminated with a critical win at the Tour Finale in Rapid City, South Dakota, where Ryann and Stinger clinched a trip to the National Finals Rodeo.

Ryann has now turned her focus back to futurities. Upon a full return to the futurity world, she made it clear she hasn’t missed a beat. Ryann’s current string of horses are shaping up just like she prefers heading into the fall.

Ryann Pedone Supports Gut Health with SUCCEED

As so many barrel racers do, Ryann had a horse that was struggling with stomach issues. She was familiar with SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program, as her husband, Don Lee, is an equine vet and had been recommending it to his clients for some time. She decided to give SUCCEED a try to see if it would help get her horse’s stomach set right for good.

Ryann was extremely pleased with the physical changes she began to see after a very short time of using SUCCEED. Her horses began to fill out and developed shiny, dappled haircoats. In addition to these benefits in physical appearance and condition, her mare’s stomach issues also subsided.

When she saw the changes in this horse, she started everything in her barn on it.

Hauling young futurity horses, Ryann knows that they must be in the best shape from the inside out to take everything that is thrown at them. These futurity colts are taking in a lot of new experiences, which can be hard on them if not managed correctly.

“I love SUCCEED because it is so good and so affordable. It’s one of my favorite products because a lot of people can afford it.”

Why Ryann Uses and Recommends SUCCEED

Ryann has a full barn with nearly 30 head of horses, and all of them are on SUCCEED. Whenever she brings a horse in to ride, they get their daily serving of SUCCEED. She also gives them an additional syringe right before she hauls and while out at an event.

SUCCEED has been a part of Ryann’s program for several years. She continues to use it because she believes in it. Simple as that. “Everyone loves it. My horses, my dogs, and my badger all love their SUCCEED.”

SUCCEED is affordable and effective. I am all about a product that will help my horses dapple out and look healthier. All my horses look great on it. They look forward to taking SUCCEED, and it’s easy on my pocketbook. I don’t promote something I don’t believe in. It’s just an amazing product.

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