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Pro Rodeo Barrel Racer Sissy Winn Joins Team SUCCEED

Sissy Winn

Texas-based WPRA barrel racer Sissy Winn is the 2021 Texas Circuit Finals Championship, and she’s already starting at the top for 2022. Her sights are set on qualifying for the National Finals Rodeo—and she’ll feed her horses SUCCEED every step of the way!

Sissy Winn, Wins Big

Sissy’s professional barrel racing career started while she was in college at Texas A&M University. The Chapman Ranch cowgirl made a natural transition to pro rodeo after a slew of youth accomplishments. She was crowned Miss Rodeo Texas Princess 2011, Miss Rodeo Texas Teen 2015, and was a seven-times National Qualifier for junior high and high school level rodeos from 2010 to 2016.

“My parents saw that rodeoing was a real passion of mine, and they have supported this dream of mine. I also had some friends pro rodeo while in high school and thought it’d be fun to do one day,” Sissy says.

As Sissy entered college, she decided to pursue pro rodeo herself. She qualified for circuit finals a few times, but it was when she graduated college in 2020 that she really stepped up her training and travel.

In 2021, Sissy finished the pro rodeo season ranked 20th worldwide. She won $6,700 in the last three weeks of the regular season alone. Then at the season’s premier event, Texas Circuit Finals Rodeo, Sissy won it all.

“I knew it came down to the last run, it was so tight,” Sissy says. “With those ladies and the caliber of horses competing…I knew anybody could win the next round.”

Sissy claimed the average win with 47.13 seconds on three runs, making her the 2021 Texas Circuit Finals Rodeo Champion. Her winning streak has carried into the current season, as well. As of the end of February, Sissy is ranked fourth for WPRA earnings in 2022, giving her a strong start towards qualifying for this year’s National Finals Rodeo (NFR).

“It’s always been a dream of mine to go to the NFR. I never thought I’d be in the position to be ranked fourth worldwide. It’s really neat to look back on my journey and to see where I am now.”

Winning Rodeos with Horses on SUCCEED

Sissy’s entire string of performance horses are on SUCCEED, and she’s been using the product for more than a decade.

I first discovered SUCCEED 11 years ago when I had a horse with hindgut issues. She constantly had an upset stomach and wouldn’t eat her feed. My vet said to try SUCCEED, and I thought, ‘what could this tiny tube do?’ But it was magic. I saw a total difference within 60 days.

After starting her mare on SUCCEED, Sissy says her horse wanted to eat again, her barrel times improved, and she was a happy horse. The undeniable results from SUCCEED convinced Sissy to keep using the product.

Today, her quarter horse mare and two geldings are all on SUCCEED. Sissy’s 8-year-old gelding, Chewingthehotwire (barn name “Chewy”), is greatly benefiting from SUCCEED. Sissy acquired Chewy when he was five years old, but at the time, he wasn’t rodeo-ready. “Chewy was always a winner, but it took time for us to connect as a team,” Sissy says.

Besides starting Chewy on SUCCEED, Sissy took the time to understand his needs and how he liked to be ridden. Sissy says that through the process they both matured, adjusted their styles, and “clicked.”

The partnership paid off with the duo’s win at the 2021 Texas Circuit Finals Rodeo—and it hasn’t stopped there. In February, Sissy and Chewy breezed into the semifinals at the 2022 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo after winning two, record-speed rounds at 14.14 seconds.

“At the rodeo you have 15 seconds (or less) in the arena. But there’s so much more to the overall experience. My goal is to make every rodeo count and to focus on the horses. Their health and knowing that they feel ready to compete are my top two priorities.”

Sissy Winn waving

How Sissy Manages Her Horses Health with SUCCEED

The rodeo road can be hard on both the horse and rider. Traveling inevitably leads to changes in food, water, sleeping patterns, and more. Sissy says these changes often lead to an upset gut, which is why she trusts her horses’ health to SUCCEED.

If the horse is stressed, I’m stressed. I know when their guts are unhappy. But when they’re on SUCCEED, they’re eating better, drinking better, and overall, their health is better. Why would I risk taking them off a product that works?

Whether she’s at home or on the road, Sissy keeps her horses on SUCCEED year-round. Her horses each receive an alfalfa-based feed along with their daily dose of SUCCEED at night.

I have to be careful that the horses don’t grab the tube of SUCCEED when I’m feeding it. They love it, and it tastes great to them!

For Sissy, she knows that her horses are athletes who require specialized care. She stays in tune with her horses’ needs and meticulously manages their overall health. And thanks to SUCCEED, she’s confident that their digestive health is intact.

Why Sissy Recommends SUCCEED for Barrel Horses

Sissy Winn knows how to give her horses a winning edge. She takes SUCCEED with her everywhere she goes—for her horses’ health, happiness and performance.

Pro rodeo is very stressful. The road is hard. If my horse’s gut is not right, we can’t be successful. SUCCEED helps my horses’ guts stay calm, which helps them perform better, look better, and feel better. This product has changed my horses’ lives for the better. And a happier horse is a winning horse.

For more on Sissy’s rodeo successes, follow her on Facebook @sissywinnbarrelracer and Instagram @sissywinn.

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